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I have a love affair with Gotham. When I lived in Miami, right after finishing the Patisserie course, it was at Gotham (from there) that I got my first job. It was there that I learned the frantic operation of a “Fine Dinning” Restaurant, where the service is impeccable, punctual and the ingredients of the dishes are of high quality. Of course it reflects on the price but it is well worth the experience.


When I started working at Gotham, I didn’t know the history of the restaurant and, little by little, with the coexistence and gaining the daily experience in the kitchen, I learned that the original Gotham was in Manhattan, NY, and was considered one of the best restaurants there. Like few others, he had been on the market for over 20 years and had won many important awards, including 1 star in the unrivaled Michelin Guide.

Of course, from that moment on, my desire to get to know Gotham in NY only increased. And lo and behold, one day, hubby had to go back to NY and I, once again, was taken in my luggage … lol. But it still took us a while to get a chance to go to Gotham, and finally, last month, we did!

The reservation was made for 6:30 pm and we sat at the table talking, drinking and laughing until 9:30 pm. Three hours of a deliciously gluttonous dinner. This year, Gotham completes 30 years of pure success. What started as a Parisian brasserie in the heart of NY, has turned into one of the most traditional and consistent restaurants in the city. And all due to the creativity and talent of Chef Alfred Portale, who left culinary school directly to Gotham’s kitchen, becoming synonymous with it (and I’m happy to have come across him many, many times in Gotham’s kitchen in Miami… “mega tietagem”)

On this magical night, in particular, we went with a couple of friends and at 6:30 pm on a full Thursday the house was full – so, like any other top restaurant here, you need to make a reservation… but for those who don’t want to spend a lot , they offer a very interesting menu, consisting of starter, main course and dessert, called “greenmarket lunch prix fixe”, for US $ 34.00 plus tip and tax, for lunch from Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 2:15 pm.


Anyway, now it’s time to tell about the indulgence that was our dinner. Starting with the starters, when looking at the menu the desire was to try all the items and since we were in four, we ordered five. THE chilled shrimp in cocktail sauce it was perfectly cooked, very tasty, fresh. The second request for ‘sea’ was theone tartar – served as a small sculpture, a piece of crunchy art for toast in olive oil, tuna millimeter cut into cubes and perfectly seasoned with miso and ginger sauce, accompanied by very thin slices of Japanese cucumber. There were two salads, the most traditional was mix of greens, with burrata and pesto tomato confit, simply the face of summer… and the second, my favorite, was roasted purple and golden beets, accompanied by creamy goat cheese, pickled fennel vinaigrette, tangerines and roasted hazelnuts – translating, if I died after that salad, I would go to heaven (or maybe to hell) happy. The last of the five, was the ‘crisp sweet bread‘, a fried croquette filled with juicy pieces of smoked bacon, served with brussels sprouts, pumpkin and turnip baked with mashed apples and mustard. Wow!! I said it was a table for gluttons… lol


For the main course, I went the other way because everyone asked for lamb and I asked for fish. Not that I don’t like the lamb, but that fish has a history: it was always my choice on the nights I had to work at Gotham in Miami – you know what? The one over there was exactly what it is here. Same flavor, same presentation. It all comes down to one word: consistency – a piece of fresh cod marinated in miso, grilled to perfection, served with hot sushi rice (sticky, sweet and sour), on a bed of shimeji mushrooms with bokchoy, drizzled with soy sauce with lemon grass and ginger. An explosion of flavors with an Asian touch. Amazing…


Lamb (lamb), without words to describe perfection. Grilled to the taste of the customer, served with roasted ciboullettes, mashed potatoes, reduction and sauteed Swiss chard.

As a dinner like this could not be without dessert, here are the two chosen from a very interesting menu – too bad that the other couple did not want dessert, as I would love to be able to try more options… lol

One of them was the “Creamsicle Couple” – segmented orange and tangerine, with whipped cream, shortbread base, vanilla ice cream and orange peel confit. A delight that was even more incredible when in the same spoonful I managed to put all the components of the dessert. The freshness of the orange, with the crispness of the shortbread and the softness of the vanilla ice cream are of the gods. The second, a Vacherin Tropical, it was beautifully composed of vanilla parfait, passion fruit foam, coconut sorbet, coconut macaroon and mango paper. Lindaaaaaaa. And really, perfectly tropical. Anyway, an unforgettable experience without slips (except for the size of the bill) but there are moments in life when celebrations happen and deserve no less than perfection.


For more information or reservations, visit and if you’re here again, the pre-posted lunch menu is an excellent choice =]

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