Gourmand Bookstore

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Nothing better for a lover of good cuisine than having the oldest and most respected gourmand bookstore in the world on their most secret travel itineraries. Librairie Gourmand could not be anywhere else than on Rue Montmartre in Paris, a street that you can also find several stores selling products and confectionery and culinary materials.
Returning to the bookstore, here you will find all kinds of cookbooks you can imagine, mainly in French, of course, but you can also find some in English. Bibles of molecular gastronomy, books by famous chefs, small booklets with small molds and pans for gifts, rare books, launches; Anyway, everything you look for in the vast culinary bibliography, I’m sure this is the place to find it.
librairie1 Now, be careful not to go straight The facade is super discreet and the door is small. Ahhhh .. and take a suitcase with wheels to bring everything you need; D

Librairie Gourmand is located at 92, Rue Montmartre, Paris, France.

Or at the website http://www.librairiegourmande.fr/boutique/

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