Gradient Lips: how to make and what products to use?

Gradient Lips: how to make and what products to use?

Gradient lips, ombré lipstick, “blotchy” lips, inverted gradient … No matter how you know this trend, but it is on the rise it is impossible to deny. Well, if you haven’t heard about it yet, I’ll explain exactly what it is and how to do it ?

Gradient Lips: how to make and what products to use?

Photo: Brydie

Although the trend of ombré lipsticks has appeared a few years ago, lately the inverted gradient, with the center of the mouth with a more intense color, is what is drawing my attention. Again, this is a trend that came from the Korean make that has this lighter and more subtle footprint.
You may have noticed that I hardly get out of nude, pink and red lipsticks, right? Despite the apparent lack of options, you can vary the makeup with these products and the big lip it is certainly one of my favorite ideas.

Gradient Lips: how to make and what products to use?

Photo: Nylon

Even though it’s a different way of applying the products you already have, the effect is super delicate and I think that’s why I like it so much. The “technique” can be done with creamy, liquid lipsticks and even gloss.
Regardless of what you choose to use, it is important to apply a concealer or nude lipstick very well over the entire mouth and only then start to apply the desired color right in the center.
After adding the product, just spread it with a mouth brush, a cotton swab or with your fingers. The idea is to blur that tone well in the part that is still colorless, forming a smooth gradient.

Gradient Lips: how to make and what products to use?

Photo: Vogue Girl via Pinterest

In the case of gloss, the transparent product itself helps to spread the tone on the lips. The idea here is for the border to be lighter than the center, but you can vary the hue as you see fit.
I myself prefer to use the trend in a more delicate version with less color variation between the center and the border, but there goes your personal style.


Look, the best options are creamy lipsticks, because they are easier to spread. However, if you want to use that darling matte liquid lipstick, I think it is worth using the gloss to give the final finish. In addition, in the case of mattes, you need to be attentive and do this whole process of “blurring” quickly before the product dries.
Now, if you really want a matte effect, perhaps the best option is to use creamy lipsticks and then apply a layer of translucent powder on top. Simple, right?
Of course, you can test the look with what you already have at home, but I still think it’s cool to recommend some products ? I hope you do the make up and enjoy the result as much as I do!
Gradient Lips: how to make and what products to use?
1- Liquid Lipstick Covering Vinyl from Who Said, Berenice? at The Beauty Box | R $ 37.90
2- Dior Lip Shadow Rouge Color Gradation Limited Edition 55 Red Lipstick at The Beauty Box | R $ 179.00
3- Chubby Stick lipstick Intense moisturizing lip balm, the clinic’s most powerful perfume at The Beauty Box | R $ 79.00
4- Rouge Velvet Beau Brun Lipstick Edition by Bourjois at Sephora | R $ 73.00
5- MAC Prep + Prime Finishing Powder at Sephora | R $ 149.00
6- Nars Intriguing Velvet Matte Lip Pencil at Sephora | R $ 136.00
7- Liquid Lipstick + Clinique Primer 04 Ripe Pop at The Beauty Box | R $ 59.50
8- Vult Facial Concealer at Época Cosméticos | R $ 10.90
9- Benetint from Sephora Benefit | R $ 165.00
10- Rouge Liquid Lipstick 442 Satin Impetuous by Dior at The Beauty Box | R $ 159.00

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