Grand Central Gourmet Market

Grand Central Gourmet Market

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Today I’m going to talk about the Gourmet Food and Ingredients Market which is located inside the Grand Central Terminal in Midtown. For those who know me but still don’t know, I write about Manhattan but I live in Connecticut, a neighboring state. To come to Manhattan, I take a train in my city and must disembark at Grand Central. That means that every time I go to Manhattan I step in front of this foodies’ paradise.
There is a huge diversity of places to shop, taste and stroll for food lovers, but this market has conveniently gathered ALL the items you need for a good gourmet feast.
Whether it is to receive guests at home, to prepare something top of the line for yourself or simply to stroll, taste and learn a little, this is the destination. Not to mention that for you tourist, the Grand Central Terminal, which in 2013 completed 100 years of existence, is already quite a walk! (for more information visit
Just to get an idea of ​​the grandeur of this place, the terminal ranks sixth on the list of most visited tourist attractions in the world !! There are many vendors here. One of them is Murray’s cheese, landmark store in the city open since 1940. They offer more than 250 types of cheese and the best, you taste a little before buying! They also sell some sausages, crackers, olive oil, honey…
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Another cool and very traditional store in town is the Eli Zabar’s , artisan bread store, some organic, made with different fermentations and super rustic…. Well, first cheese … then bread …
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THE Oren’s Daily Roast sells ONLY coffee and related instruments. Grains from all over the world, roasted at the factory and that you buy for the pound, may or may not be ground there on the spot … The stand next to them, also sells ALL types of tea you can imagine! A delight of aromas unmatched for the eyes.
Pescatore Seafood Co. sells seafood, fish and preparations made with these ingredients. There is always tasting and some of the preparations are a great option for lunch or dinner!
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Wild Edibles sells caviar and other delicacies from the gourmet world. It is a supplier of these items to great restaurants here and is considered one of the best places to buy as it has a reputation for selling fresh ingredients.
Here there is also the Lilac Chocolate Shop that I already talked about in the post about the chocolate tour. They were one of the pioneers in selling artisanal chocolates and continue to be recognized as one of the best chocolates in the city.
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Huge Marcarrons, Cafes at Oren’s, Mast Brothers Chocolates and Flowers

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Fresh fruits and vegetables to fill your eyes !!

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Spices and teas at Oren’s Daily Roast

If you want products from Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, there is also. A thousand have also been embedded. Natural fruits and juices too. And even flowers and floral arrangements have it! After all, what would a Central Market be without the beauty of flowers, right?
Outside the Market, inside Grand Central, there are two Mara stores that are also worth visiting: Oliviers & Co (, which offers balsamic, prepared and flavored olive oils from all over the world. The other store is Beer Table to go (, with over 100 different types of beer waiting for drink lovers. The attendants, with a hipster feel, help you even pair the beer with the preparation you choose for the informed occasion.
Finally, an unmissable tour, full of news and very rich to the palate! Worth the visit =]

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