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A hot chocolate and a new series, please. This is the perfect combination for rainy winter days. But for everything! Here, summer reigns, sunny days and a lot of heat. Which energizes me even more when walking the ant trail.
Then another beautiful day is born, I prepare the dress and the camera and here I am ready! On the way to the station I feel a drop of water, maybe rain? I think, then, with my buttons: wedding of the fox – rain with sun, in the words of childhood – is too bad luck. There I go on the train, then take the subway towards the East Upper Side and when I go out on the streets, I reevaluate my luck … because it is raining cocoa!
Raining cocoa is an expression as strong as a water spout and I’m already beginning to imagine the blanket. It is then that from a distance I see the entrepreneur of the umbrella and, deceptively protected, I do not lose heart and go! Without much power of choice, after all, it’s cocoa falling from the sky that we’re talking about, I came across Lexington Avenue, 780:
sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 1
I felt the summer heat again with all these colors and Sprinkles I entered. Sprinkles means sprinkles in Portuguese and I need to confess: I have a feud that lasts 23 years with sprinkles. They are cute, colorful, they give a charm to the candy, but when we are talking about the chocolate ones, it doesn’t work. First, because the most popular ones are not chocolate and don’t taste like chocolate. Even though we are evolving with very tasty sprinkles, my foot is always behind at the first touch.
The question is: my boring sensor triggered and there was an uncontrollable need to try the granulated granulate. The house specializes in Cupcakes, Cookies and Ice Cream – three great references of American confectionery – and celebrates this year 10 years of history. With Grandpa’s special recipe, the cupcakes welcome you in tight arms, right at the entrance.
sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 2sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 3sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 4
Of course, my choice was those with sprinkles – you can judge me – dark chocolate and white and black, our little house, I would say. I chose the mini version ($ 2), which is a great deal since it costs cents more than the traditional size cupcake ($ 3.75), but nothing like varying the flavor.
sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 5sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 6sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 7
Second confession of the day: cupcakes they are delicious and the cake is super cute. Highlight for dark chocolate icing, super smooth and very tasty. And the granules, Mia? Ok chocolatey!
sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 8sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 9sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 10
I found a vacant space in the belly and still wanted to try one of the cookies ($ 3.75). At chocolatey wave, I chose the double chocolate among the options of peanut butter with pretzel drops, snickerdoodle – cinnamon shortbread – and the salted option of oatmeal with corn flakes. How cute is the cookie packaging? Yeah, and finally the rain gave me a break and I took the opportunity to go against my blanket and enjoy a cookie in the “afternoon session”.
sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 11sprinkles - post 3 -ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd - 12

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