Green & Delicious Krass, now there is Nutella with cannabis!

Green & Delicious Krass, now there is Nutella with cannabis!

This is what we have always been waiting for: the ultimate combination of taste and effect!

It has long been known that chocolate makes you happy and that it releases lots of happiness hormones in the brain. However, this new food fusion leads to completely new heights in terms of taste and happiness – the creamy chocolate spread is now also available with that certain green extra. Yes, you heard correctly: the Nutella with cannabis is called Chrontella and it comes from Canada.

This chocolate spread tastes delicious and makes you high

Wow, with this new super food Canada is really becoming our new favorite country: Cannabis has been legal there since the beginning of the year and is now also available as a breakfast spread.

The special nut nougat cream with cannabis is sold by the Medical Health Care Center in Toronto. Each glass contains 300 milligrams of cannabis, the cost is 20 euros.

By the way, if you don’t like chocolate, you don’t have to be sad: The green extra is also available with strawberry jam and peanut butter. Cheers to the healthy breakfast!

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