Green power 5 ideas with matcha

Green power 5 ideas with matcha

It is full of antioxidants, cleanses the body and skin and is the anti-aging product that works from the inside: Matcha – the Japanese folk drink.

His alone strong, green color acts like a signal and if you remember the words of supermodel Heidi Klum (41) (“The greener the better”), then Matcha, the Japanese green tea, can simply be healthy be.

In fact, matcha has numerous beneficial effects on the body. For one thing, he has one strongly draining effect and flushes waste products out of your body in no time. On the other hand, it makes green tea powder awake, completely without caffeine and the acidic side effects of coffee.

Matcha is also a natural coloring agent that gives cakes, biscuits and even bread a pretty green color – without artificial additives. Here we present five ideas for which you can use Matcha.

1. Matcha latte

Probably the best known way to consume Matcha is Matcha latte. It is the perfect drink, especially for matcha beginners. Simply put a quarter of a teaspoon of powder into a tall latte macchiato glass and pour 100 ml of hot water (80 ° C) over it.

With a small milk frother, whisk or the classic one Japanese bamboo whisk (if you own one) mix the powder and water together until it foams and the green tea has completely dissolved.

Meanwhile, heat 200 ml of milk, nut or oat milk (our special recommendation) and froth this up nicely with the milk frother. Now pour the milk foam over the matcha and enjoy the drink immediately. But be careful: Do not drink after 5 p.m., this drink makes you very awake!

2. Matcha truffles

Matcha truffles are a little treat that doesn’t come with any Chocolate plate or gift package may be missing. The combination of white chocolate, cream, sugar, butter and half a teaspoon of matcha creates a delight that is not too sweet. Of the The nutty taste of the green tea melts on the tongue and mixes with the sweetness of white chocolate. Believe us, you won’t get enough of this delicacy.

3. Matcha ice cream

Matcha ice cream is also an absolute classic that is on the dessert menu in more and more Asian restaurants. Rightly because this one Refreshment based on vanilla or cream ice cream is just delicious. The nutty matcha goes well with the creamy sweetness of the ice cream. If you have the time and inclination, you can also try your hand at ice cream and make a classic milk ice cream mixture of egg yolk, milk, cream and sugar and season it with a maximum of half a teaspoon of matcha. The ice machine does the rest.

4. Matcha biscuits

A delicious, grass-green addition to the simple cookie plate: Matcha cookies are perfect for afternoon coffee or tea! Basically, you could say that these are shortbread biscuits with a “matcha kick”. Simply season your butter biscuit batter (250 g butter, 200 g powdered sugar, 1 pinch of salt, 3 eggs, 250 g flour) with half a teaspoon of matcha. If you’re keen to experiment, glue two cookies together with a teaspoon of Nutella. Simply heavenly!

5. Pure matcha: the Japanese tea ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is an absolute art in itself and only something for advanced matcha connoisseurs. No wonder, because even the Japanese need years to master the tea ceremony to perfection. The most important thing about enjoying pure Matcha is on the one hand the right water temperature, which must not exceed 80 ° C. On the other hand, processing the powder with a small part of the water and the bamboo whisk – without spilling everything. Then the right additional meal is part of it. Traditionally, “Wagashi” are served at the tea ceremony – small Japanese sweets that are not only eye-catchers due to their artful processing, but also harmonize perfectly with the slightly bitter taste of green tea due to their sweetness. The tea ceremony is an absolute work of art.

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