Green Touch For Walls

Green Touch For Walls

Little plants always bring decoration to life. I, for example, love to leave pots scattered around the house and the office! However, not everyone has enough space to place various vases and other decorative items, right?
But, if you love plants and don’t want to give them up in your decor, just use the space on the wall. Like paintings, they work to fill the void and give a green touch to the environment.

Green Touch For Walls

Photo: my fairy dust

Oh, and be sure to make sure the composition harmonizes with the whole environment ?

Wall Vases

The most obvious way to make this decor is, of course, with vases! So that they don’t take up too much space, choose the smaller ones that are suspended, you know? In addition to leaving the environment super charming, you can play with the shapes of the vases and also with the colors.
In this case, it would be interesting to put plants that have a fit as they grow, for the effect to be even more incredible. If you prefer something simpler, don’t choose a slightly taller and more delicate species to make it stand out.

Comic Books

Comics are a very authentic and original way to use the plants, mainly because they can be made by you. Choose some branches of plants or flowers that you would like to hang and assemble the picture the way you prefer.
Depending on your style, add other elements like photos, tickets plane tickets or attraction tickets. You can be sure that the final result will have your face and make the place even more special.


Green Touch For Walls

Photos: Paper And Stitch and Sostrene Grenes

In addition to paintings, you can take advantage of the old frames and transform them into another decorative object. Select some sturdier branches and flowers and place them around the entire frame. If you don’t have a frame, you can use thicker wrapped wires to achieve the same result!

Wood detail

A more rustic way to hang the plants on the wall is using wooden vases. They can be purchased ready-made, or made at home. Use that piece of wood left in some corner of your house to create a very beautiful arrangement. Tree trunks are another way to elaborate this same decoration, but with an even more natural footprint.


Green Touch For Walls

Photos: The Apollo Box and Trend Hunter

Don’t you want to have a lot of work taking care of the plants? So, bet on the terrariums! As they work like a mini forest, the amount of water needed is usually minimal. Therefore, the plants will be fine, even if you forget to water them from time to time. Cacti and succulents, for example, do very well in this type of container.

Where to find?

Green Touch For Walls
1- Suspended vase holder at Shoptime – R $ 143.00
2- Hexagonal Terrarium at MinD – R $ 179.00
3- This wall vase at TOK & STOK – R $ 49.90
4- Umbra trigg pot in Etna – R $ 159.90
5- Diamond ceramic wallpot at Dafiti – R $ 79.99

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