Green wonder why spinach should now be on our daily menu

Green wonder why spinach should now be on our daily menu

Spinach has less iron than expected. But that doesn’t matter much to the superfood. Because apart from its iron content, the green wonder contains a lot of other good ingredients, is low in calories and looks amazing on the plate. Here are the reasons why we should eat it every day.

It was a comma error that made spinach lose its reputation as a very healthy vegetable. Even if it now only contains 3.5 milligrams of iron per 100 grams – instead of the previously assumed 35 milligrams – spinach is still a superfood. Its green leaves also contain lots of magnesium and zinc as well as lots of vitamins. Apart from that, it also satisfies cravings and is very low in calories at 12 kcal per 100 grams. He is therefore a nutritious supporter in losing weight.

Did you already know everything? Then we have three more good reasons why we should include spinach in our menu:

1. Spinach is a muscle pack

There’s a good reason Popeye always eats a can of spinach to pump up his muscles. Spinach is rich in potassium. The electrolyte is required to guarantee the structure of cells. The potassium and nitrates in spinach help build muscles.

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2. Spinach is a source of health

Not only does spinach provide us with iron and potassium, it also contains plenty of zinc, magnesium, vitamins A and C. Zinc supports our immune system, magnesium helps regulate blood pressure. Vitamin C protects against infections and vitamin A is very important for the eyes. The nitrates and antioxidants contained in spinach also benefit our health: The nitrates produce nitric oxide, which counteracts thrombosis and heart attacks, and the antioxidants prevent diabetes.

3. Spinach looks great

Not only does spinach make us look better – because it strengthens the regeneration of cells and binds moisture in the skin. Spinach leaves are currently a welcome food on the plates in hip restaurants. Spinach leaves are the new rocket, you could say. Baby spinach in particular, that young spinach that is harvested earlier than conventional spinach, is very popular with celebrity chefs. The still small, tender leaves can be eaten raw like lettuce and, with their dark green, form a nice contrast to colorful vegetables.

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