Grid Chess: Timeless and Versatile Print

Grid Chess: Timeless and Versatile Print

Do you know that minimalist plaid print, with a checkerboard of thinner lines? So, she has a name: network! This is a delicate, timeless and super-versatile pattern. They say that chess is a print that never goes out of style and if I had to choose a version it would be this one ?
That’s because some other patterns, like the Prince of Wales or Vichy, are much more striking and end up getting more dated depending on the look.

Grid Chess: Timeless and Versatile Print

Photo: Paulo Cuenca

When I say that this type of patterning is versatile, it is because it works on almost any occasion: from the office to the beach look – depending on the style of the piece, of course. Usually, the pattern appears in more neutral tones and is easy to combine, such as black, white, navy blue or even wine.
To show that the grid print is a great ally in everyday looks, nothing more fair than showing the various ways to use!


When the print appears in neutral tones and tailoring you can be sure it works for the most social looks, to work even ? Midi dresses and skirts with patterning are great examples of how to get out of the traditional even in this type of environment. The blazer is also a key piece, especially if you plan to use the model on different occasions!
For a more delicate look, invest in smaller plaid and thin stripes, okay? The maximalistic versions or with thick stripes draw more attention, but still do not compromise production.


Just invest in tighter and shorter pieces to make the look more casual. Asymmetrical mini skirts or models, jogger pants, croppeds, dresses with cutouts or necklines … There is a world of possibilities!
Another good alternative is to use the tailoring pieces outside the office! Remember I mentioned the blazer? You can combine it with a rotting t-shirt and jeans for a more modern look. Dress pants with sneakers or short boots also have a new look, right?


Grid Chess: Timeless and Versatile Print

Photos: ASOS via Pinterest and Fashion Dioxide

For those who enjoy more vibrant and / or fun productions, it is always worth betting on colors. I confess that it is not so simple to find pieces with the colored print, but you can still use them with another very impressive piece.
Here is a tip: if you like strong colors, try to opt for a piece with grid pattern on a light background! The look is lighter, perfect even to create a more summery look like the one in the second photo.


Another way to create a look Fun is betting on the famous mix of prints. As the grid pieces usually appear in neutral two-color versions, use your creativity when mixing the patterns. With stripes or polka dots, there’s no mistake, see?


So, I convinced you to invest in a printed, minimalist and timeless piece? Although classic, this is a pattern that brings an air of modernity to any look and is super easy to combine! I hope you enjoy the selection of parts below ?
Grid Chess: Timeless and Versatile Print
1- AMARO Maxi Blazer – R $ 279.90
2- Dress with cutout from AMARO – R $ 169.90
3- Osklen Pantacourt at Shop2gether – R $ 416.90
4- Classic Cropped at Renner – R $ 59.90
5- Osklen swimsuit at Shop2gether – R $ 311.90
6- Lez a Lez Dress at OQVestir – R $ 349.90
7- Checkered Vest with Zipper from AMARO – R $ 249.90
8- Colcci Pantaloons in Dafiti – R $ 399.99
9- Get out of Bo.Bô at Shop2gether – R $ 398.90
10- Black and White Dress at Renner – R $ 179.90

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