Guide to the best gelato in Italy

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People often travel to Italy because of the country’s cuisine. After all, it is one of the destinations most associated with cuisine worldwide! Regarding desserts, it’s hard not to think about gelato when we talk about Italy. More artisanal and without the typical dyes and preservatives of industrialized ice cream, it has already become a real attraction of the destination. And let’s agree: there is nothing better than stopping every five minutes to drink gelato while walking through cities like Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice on hot days beyond summer!
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There is a chain of gelaterias called THUNDER which is present in a number of cities in Italy and also has several units abroad. The gelato is great and you will not regret stopping at one of them. In addition to GROM, Venchi, which was founded in 1878, also tends to offer good gelato throughout its various units throughout Italy.
However, there are other more regional gelaterias that have fewer units. Some of them are present in only one particular city in Italy and are very successful locally. See some gelato addresses across Italian cities!
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Italian chocolates: one of my favorite gelaterias in Milan, it has many variations of chocolate ice cream. Not to mention the immense amount of topping options. There are also several other options for sweets with ice cream. It is just a few steps from Piazza del Duomo.
Address: Via San Raffaele, 6.
The best of ice cream: it has more classic flavors and is well remembered as one of the best gelaterias in Milan. Because of that, it is usually crowded at times.
Address: Via Lodovico Castelvetro, 18.
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Like milk: not far from Roma Termini, I would say that this gelateria is still a little hidden place. Still, their flavors are great! It is a find for those who like gelato.
Address: Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26.
Ciampini: a classic of Rome, Ciampini is a kind of cafe in a piazza in Rome where you can sit and spend time. She did gain fame, though, for her gelato!
Address: Via del Leoncino, 26.
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La Carraia: Florence being considered the place of origin of gelato, the city obviously has great gelaterias. La Carraia is certainly among the best for the quality of the flavors it offers.
Address: Praça Nazario Sauro, 25r.
Vivoli: is one of the oldest and most famous gelaterias in Florence. Ice creams are served only in the cup, not in the cone. It is worth tasting the millefoglie flavor.
Addresses: Rua das Ilhas Stinche, 7r.
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Alaskan Ice Cream Shop: with some more exotic flavors and others very classic, Gelateria Alaska is one of the best places for your “gelato moment” in Venice.
Address: Calle Larga de Bari, 1159
San Gimignano
Piazza Ice Cream Shop: in the tiny medieval town of San Gimignano, this gelateria has already received a series of national and international awards. It continues to offer one of the best ice creams in Tuscany and is one of the most important attractions in San Gimignano, located in its main piazza.
Address: Cisterna Square 4.
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So, when are you going to start the adventure?

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