Gwyneth Paltrow & Co. Star juice cures for everyone
Gwyneth paltrow co star juice cures for everyone

Gwyneth Paltrow & Co. Star juice cures for everyone

Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Aniston swear by juice diets. Fortunately, you no longer have to press the juices yourself!

Juice diets are the health trend from the United States. Regular juice cleansing is quite normal for superstars, because the juices made from organic vegetables and fruits not only ensure cleaner skin, more fitness and well-being: the pounds drop off too! Supermodel Heidi Klum (42) swears by the healthy juice days, just like Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow (42) and Jennifer Aniston (46).

But before you run into the organic market and drag kilos of beetroot, cabbage, apples, carrots and a number of other ingredients home with a juicer: There are manufacturers who deliver their ready-made seven-day juice treatment to you. Quick and easy.

But what exactly does a juice regimen look like and what do you have to consider?

That’s how it’s done

The principle of a juice cure sounds simple – and it is. You abstain from alcohol, nicotine, coffee and solid foods for seven days and for that week do not consume anything other than ginger water and juices made from fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables and nuts.

Benefits of a juice regimen

The advantages of juices are numerous and in addition to the weight loss, which almost comes about by itself, Heidi Klum and Co. swear above all by the cleansing effect. After seven days you will feel like you have changed. Your skin is clear, you feel fitter and suddenly you are full of energy. Your digestion is relieved, any feeling of bloating is gone and your mood improves.

Disadvantages of a juice diet

A big disadvantage of the juice diet is actually the extreme detox effect. You lose an incredible amount of fluids, even if you actually drink 500 ml five times a day. So make sure you are hydrated enough so that the same thing happens to you as actress Gwyneth Paltrow: After a few days of juice treatment, she began to hallucinate, which indicates severe dehydration.

Another disadvantage is detoxification symptoms such as severe headaches and pimples. The pain in particular can become uncomfortable, as you shouldn’t take painkillers during the juice diet. You should also refrain from a juice diet in winter, as the lack of solid nutrients and carbohydrates will cool you down. Chill attacks in summer are uncomfortable, but in winter?

The most famous German manufacturers and suppliers

What began in the USA has already become a global trend and it is hard to imagine the world’s major cities without it. Hollywood stars like Salma Hayek (48) you see more and more often sucking on the 500 ml bottles with a straw. But do you have to import the colorful juices from the USA to do something good for your body? Not even close!

Here in Germany, too, there are manufacturers and suppliers who offer entire daily menus to pick up or deliver to your door every day. They are right at the forefront Juice treatment packages from “Detox Delight”, “Detox Hamburg” and “Frank Juice”. All companies offer high-quality, cold-pressed juices in raw food quality, numbered for the day so that you can easily get started. “Detox Delight” and “Frank Juice” also offer a daily home delivery service, while Detox Hamburg has your juice (or your menu) freshly prepared and ready to be picked up the evening before.

In the video: Cameron Diaz & Co. – That’s what the stars of detox cures think!

This is what the stars of detox cures think!

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