Hair: Potentiating growth
Hair potentiating growth

Hair: Potentiating growth

There are many reasons why people want their hair to grow faster and, of course, super healthy: a bad cut, a fringe too short, the famous hair transition (when the person stops with chemicals) and even the dream of having a very long hair.

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I’m sure you are or know someone who is going through a similar process. For this reason, I decided to tell you some great tips to boost hair growth!

What do you eat?


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Guys, it may seem obvious, but beautiful hair is a consequence of healthy living. Yeah, everything we put inside our body makes the biggest difference. Drinking lots of water, eating foods rich in vitamin B, protein and omega 3 are essential for good hair growth. Eggs, milk, whole grains, meat, fish… It all helps too much! It is clear that consulting a dermatologist to see if there is a deficit in some nutrient is also super important – those who have anemia, for example, are left with super weakened hair.

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