Hair: products that make a difference in travel


For those who are not used to traveling and spending time away from home, assembling the suitcase seems to be quite complicated. We always end up forgetting something important that we only noticed when we reached the final destination, right?

Hygiene and beauty items are always left in the background. To leave with a good hair in the photos, it is good to make a check-list with items that are needed.
To help you who have planned a trip this holiday or in the coming months, I selected some products that always help me fix my hair on the busiest days.

Good brushes


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It sounds silly, but we often forget to take the most basic items! Your favorite brush has to go, after all you will not always find something similar at your final destination. Those who have curly hair, for example, are unlikely to give up combs with wider teeth and wood.
In my case, tangle compact brushes are very welcome when traveling. For those who brush every day, a good cylindrical model cannot be left behind ?
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Miraculous ampoules


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Changing the environment so abruptly can damage the wires. When we go to much drier places or spend a good part of the day in the sun (tropical destinations and with beaches, for example) we need to hydrate the hair well so that it does not get destroyed.
The best products for fast and effective hydration are ampoules. In addition to being small and great for carrying in the suitcase, they act in less than 5 minutes. On trips, all we want is to enjoy the destination, so there’s no use taking that hydration mask that takes 20 minutes to act.
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Dry shampoo


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This was the best invention for those with oily hair. Nobody deserves to wash their hair every day of the trip or even twice a day – yes, those who go to very humid environments feel the need to wash all the time.
Today, there are many excellent dry shampoo options. In addition to helping to clean the scalp in a faster and more practical way, the product is also ideal for giving that volume at the root. Many people with curly hair, for example, have the smoothest root. Dry shampoo can be a great ally to revitalize your hair on the day you can’t make a super-correct finish ?
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Accessories for quick hairstyles


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Staples and rubber bands are indispensable! No bad hair day when traveling, throw your hair up and make a nice messy bun, for example. Woke up with the bad bangs? Dry shampoo and do a little pull back – a retro hairstyle with a tuft always works.
For those who want a more romantic look, clamps with applications are great options. Barrettes and bows can also be good accessories to finish a simpler hairstyle.
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