Hair Scarf: Ideas For Wearing This Trend

Hair Scarf: Ideas For Wearing This Trend

For some time now I’ve been calling myself the crazy scarf! This detail of style so simple makes all the difference in the look, especially when we play with colors and textures.
And if you want inspiration to also enter the trend of scarves in hair, you can now save this post and also share it with other friends who identify with the style. Let’s go for tips?

As track

scarf in hair
Those who prefer more classic styles can bet on scarves as a hair band. In addition to being super simple to put on, you can enhance the hairstyle with different clips or clips. I’ll leave here the step-by-step of how I make the folds:
– Fold the scarf in a triangle⁣;
– Fold again forming a triangle on the inside; ⁣
– Continue folding the sides until forming a band; ⁣
– Fit the scarf behind the head leaving the ends up; ⁣
– Make a knot and then a loop with the remaining fabric;
– Hide the ends under the main strip and, if you want, put clips to fasten⁣;
Did you understand? If you want to see how this trick works, press here!

Along with the ponytail

Hair Scarf: Ideas For Wearing This Trend

Photo: Fab Mood

Whether with the low tail or the classic, higher, the scarf tied together with the elastic makes all the difference. You can take the time to make a bow or leave the ends of the scarf loose, without much finishing. Either way the hairstyle will look beautiful!

Detail on braid

Hair Scarf: Ideas For Wearing This Trend

Photo: Brelinn

Braids are naturally charming, especially when they look more messy. To make it even more special, add a colorful scarf – both when attaching and also with the strands when braiding. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who prefer to stick with the strands but do not give up style ?

With coke

Hair Scarf: Ideas For Wearing This Trend

Photo: @ericahoytarmstrong

Around the bun or mixed in the strands of hair, the scarf goes into this hairstyle in a more discreet way. In addition to being a lightweight accessory, ideal for the summer, the scarf is super versatile and can be used the way you prefer to finish your hairstyle.
So, had you already joined this fashion? Here on the site we also talk about other ways to use the scarves, so if you want to know just go there in the post to take a look ?

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