Hairstyles: curly, curly and afro

Hairstyles: curly, curly and afro

Curly hair is a cause of panic for most girls, especially the younger ones. But seriously, people who follow some blogs and websites know that voluminous and more natural hair is really super hot! There’s no reason to be afraid to take on the hair the way it is – which by the way are incredible!
Hairstyles can help you see how many possibilities there are for your hair type. Almost always the end result is even better than in straight wires, as the texture helps a lot to fix the clips and elastics. Look at each incredible inspiration:



Photo 1 – So Female / Photo 2 – Sweet Jujube

The buns are great for everyday life! You can vary in height and texture of the top of the head. The first, for example, is super tall and very loose. The best tip for those who have this type of hair is to use an elastic band to make the ponytail and only then use the hairpins to form a super cute bun.
The second model is great for those who like a more stripped and casual look. The loose threads on the face, very messy, are great for a relaxing production. In addition, the low buns are sophisticated and can even fit on a formal occasion.

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