Hairstyles with Scarves to leave the Traditional!

Hairstyles with Scarves to leave the Traditional!

It is not always possible to get out of the obvious when it comes to hairstyles, especially on a daily basis! I myself do not have much skill and patience to test different looks before leaving home and I am sure that many people there do not. The best option, therefore, is to bet on accessories, and the scarf, in my opinion, is one of the best alternatives!

Hairstyles with Scarves to leave the Traditional!

Photo: Lexxndra

In addition to the countless possibilities of different models with incredible colors and prints, the pieces are extremely versatile. You can use a scarf as a belt, as a detail on the handbag straps, as a bracelet, on the neck and, obviously, to add extra charm to the hairstyle!


In a hurry or that famous bad hair day, it doesn’t look more accurate than a bun, right? But in order not to leave the house with all the hair straightened and “hidden”, it is very worthwhile to end the hairstyle with a scarf!
You can either tie it to the root, almost like a tiara / sash, but there is also a charm around the elastic ?


Instead of covering that thin elastic with hair, how about tying a scarf very cool? I love this look a little more boho and casual that has the face of everyday life! This type of mooring makes the model’s pattern very much in evidence, which is great for taking the basic look from the obvious ?


Hairstyles with Scarves to leave the Traditional!

Photos: Fashion Designer Tips and Sintillia

These options work best for those who already have a certain skill at the time of styling! Although the braids are simple to do, the hairstyle requires a little more patience! For a more romantic look, it’s worth betting on a small scarf just to finish the end of the braid, okay?
Now, if the intention is more impactful hair, try braiding the scarf together with a lock of hair. The effect is modern, but it’s still easy to do!


As I wear bangs, I love the half-tied hairstyles! This type of look is great for those who like to put their hair in the game, but don’t always want to look the same ? Bet on thinner bandanas to finish off the half bread or the ponytail!


And who said that the hair all loose does not deserve to be highlighted? Using scarves as hair bands is an excellent option to enhance the look of every day. In fact, this is a great solution for those who are on the beach and have that “little problem” with the humidity at the root, you know? I’m already crazy to test!


Really, the scarves are the most versatile accessories of life and of course there is no lack of models for you to fall in love! I hope you like the selection and risk different hairstyles with the piece ?
Hairstyles with Scarves to leave the Traditional!
1- Fillity Print Scarf at Farfetch – R $ 278.00
2- AMARO Vichy Chess Bandana – R $ 19.90
3- White Floral Accessories Smm Scarf at Dafiti – R $ 39.96
4- Red Printed Bandana at Renner – R $ 25.90
5- Smooth Mustard Scarf from AMARO – R $ 39.90
6- AMARO Poá Scarf – R $ 49.90
7- Artestore Silk Scarf at Dafiti – R $ 49.90
8- Redley Kaleidoscopic Beige Scarf at Dafiti – R $ 39.97
9- Smm Scarf Yellow Flower Accessories at Dafiti – R $ 31.90
10- Star Cup Scarf at YouCom – R $ 9.90

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