Hannes Flade This man cooks our soccer women to victory

Hannes Flade This man cooks our soccer women to victory

He always serves banana cake on match days. Here, Hannes Flade reveals what else our World Cup soccer players like and what we should all know about nutrition.

Hannes Flade (29) cooks for our team at the women’s soccer World Cup in France. His banana cake is legendary and mainly serves home-style cooking with little meat. Marians Welt wanted to know from the cook and nutritionist whether a menu for top athletes also makes sense in the “normal” household.

Marians Welt: “Grandma’s kitchen is the best”, one often hears from you. How does it work as a nutritional concept in top football?
Hannes Flade: The players prefer to eat home-style cooking. Fish fingers, stews, spinach with potatoes and a fried egg. You can prepare almost any dish healthily.

It is noticeable in your recipes that you hardly ever use meat. Could a woman become a top kicker as a vegetarian?

In the “normal” western diet there is “meat with …” every day – it doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be like that. A large part of the team like to eat vegetarian regularly anyway. No performance losses are to be expected as a result. However, medical care is a must for women athletes, as nutrients such as vitamin B12 may have to be added.

Do women generally have to eat differently in sport than men?

No. From a nutritional point of view, the female body functions like a male one. As a woman, you should keep an eye on certain micronutrients such as iron!

The best diet: five tips for lasting success:

Footballers should “fill up the memory” immediately after the game. Does that also apply after a work-out in everyday life?

Adaptation processes take place in the body after a strain, for which it needs carbohydrates and proteins, among other things. On the other hand, the immune system is severely weakened. So it is very important to take in nutrients after the final whistle, the faster the better. For everyday athletes, it is completely sufficient to eat well within one to two hours after training.

You also have sweets – probably without sugar?

That’s right – almost. There is some sugar in my pancakes. For the banana cake, which is always served on game day, I came up with a recipe that is basically only sweetened with bananas and contains oat flakes. I avoid the term “superfood”, but with oats it applies completely!

Diet, Middle Aged Diet, Protein Diet

Diet in old age
This is the best diet for older women

More fat, less muscle: if you also suffer from this vicious circle that slowly sets in from middle age, we have something for you! We’ll tell you what’s behind the protein diet and what scientists have found out here.

For you, healthy eating starts with shopping. You yourself organize courses where people shop together, then cook. Do you really have to learn to shop?

In fact, we have lost our sense of choosing the right foods. In a time when everything is available every day, nobody thinks about seasonality anymore. But nutrition starts with the ingredients. I find it z. For example, it is very good that the DFB and Rewe provide footballers with nutrition tips as part of their nutrition partnership, but also support them in shopping for the right food.

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