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You’re walking down the street and a super cute guy walks by. The two cross their eyes quickly and it seems that they are interested in each other. Two things can happen:
1. You, distracted by each other, give a slight bump. You get out of balance and drop your bag half open on the floor. Lipstick, cell phone, makeup and other feminine trinkets spread like a mosaic of your intimacy on the public road. He, very polite, starts to help you collect your stuff and while the two get up together, a new exchange of looks happens. Coffee. Conversation. Kiss. There it goes.
2. A more prosaic situation: the two look at each other, and disappear from each other’s life forever…
Obviously, the first option is the most delicious and interesting, but the chance of happening in the world is restricted to the cliché of romantic comedy.
And then a deal happened, a French app called Happn happened (click here to download now). Dani, but what is it and how does it work?
Let me explain you. Happn is the first app that turns digital flirting into a real and close situation. So imagine that you and the super hot guy who occasionally bumps into the streets of life have this app. Whenever you are on the same path you will appear on each other’s timeline. That is, that mysterious guy will not be that mysterious anymore. And this is great!
In exchange for a platonic fantasy, this guy will be on your timeline and you can do the following: give him an anonymous like and to make sure he gets the message that you are interested in him, you can send a charm on sequence, which causes the person to receive a notification that you are interested in them. If you don’t send the charm, the cat-face-that-once-in-a-while-I-cross-around-but-morro-de-embarrassed-to-start-a-chat, will only know that you like it if he likes it back! Then my friend, the interest is mutual and just run to the real hug, because if you are quick you will still be on the same court.
But isn’t that dangerous? People will know everywhere I walk and there may still be a lot of guys I don’t know following me!
Nothing like that! It is super quiet because the location is only shown to people who cross paths and at the exact point where it happened. And if someone is bothering you, just block it. In addition, Happn uses login with Facebook connect, so that already excludes fakes and gives more security in use.
A really cool thing is that the app shows you how many times you’ve crossed that person’s path. So the chance that you know if besides that cat, that guy has the same interests that you really increase a lot. And the cool thing is, it is an application that really connects digital with the real world.
Do you know that cat guy who passed by on the street and the look-coffee-smile-kiss-and-there-goes sequence that only existed in romantic comedy? So, now you have the possibility to turn fiction into reality.
Here is a beautiful Happn film that shows more situations where this guy could be and you would never talk to him. It’s worth watching.

Learn how to use the app here:

And here is the fun campaign they did for Vine.

To download the application, click here: http://po.st/ickfd

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