Happy Food Lose weight with the “dopamine diet”: that’s behind it

Happy Food Lose weight with the "dopamine diet": that's behind it

With many diets, perseverance becomes the decisive factor – which unfortunately many fail. But could that change with so-called “happy food”? Yes, say experts and rely on the happiness hormone dopamine.

The thought behind a “dopamine diet”: If I get my body to release the happiness hormone dopamine despite (or perhaps because of) the diet, I am immune from severe setbacks such as food cravings. Tumbling pounds and increasing feelings of happiness should complement each other so that it suddenly becomes very easy to forego one or the other treat. The aim is to keep the dopamine level high for as long as possible due to the food consumed or to increase it again and again. But how can this ideal state be achieved? And is that even realistic?

Speaking of realistic: In the following video we reveal which tips you owe sustainable weight loss. Because if you want some of your new feel-good weight in the long term, it also depends …

Lose weight without a diet: 5 tips to help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way

Beware of the dopamine trap!

The first step to success: to know which foods are responsible for the dopamine surge and later for a consistently high dopamine level. Here, a few candidates come into the fore, and they have to be crossed off the list immediately: Addictive substances such as alcohol or sugar-sweet chocolate give us the dopamine kick we want, but then stand in the way of losing weight, which is why they are allowed from every diet are banished. The hormone level quickly drops after consumption (e.g. sugar) and the body craves more. A vicious circle you shouldn’t get into.

With this trick, you will definitely find losing weight easier!



Helpful trick
Expert explains the secret of successful weight loss

“Losing weight starts in the head” – you may have heard this statement before. But what does that actually mean? Often people try to lose weight with a fast diet and then the realization that this result is not particularly sustainable often comes quickly. For this reason, it is important to always include the mental aspect in the process. Mental training can not only support the process of losing weight, but also be a real asset at the same time! Health coach Sabrina Wolf explains how it works.

This is how you can boost your dopamine production

Amino acids are much more important in the “dopamine diet”. This includes phenylalaninewhich is converted into tyrosine in the liver. This substance has a considerable influence on the release of dopamine.

The body cannot produce the basic amino acids, which is why dietary intake is so important – for example with legumes, eggs and milk, fish and poultry, almonds and pistachios. So these foods make you physically happy. Anyone who prefers them (in moderation!) To any type of ready-made product has come a lot closer to the slim line, especially since the minerals and vitamins they contain add to the feel-good factor.

The omega-3 fatty acids often touted as healthy by nutrition experts – for example from high-fat fish such as salmon or from herbs such as basil – come into play here. They ensure that the fabrics can be processed well so that the desired happiness effect is achieved. As described on the website “moms.com”, the omega-3 fatty acids are also supposed to keep certain enzymes in check, which otherwise break down the dopamine very quickly.

These foods are particularly rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids …

Stay away from pills - opt for delicious foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Nutritional tip
11 surprising sources of omega-3 fatty acids

In order to keep our metabolism in good shape, our body needs around 250 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids every day. They regulate our hormonal balance, have anti-inflammatory effects, lower cholesterol, improve mood and much more.

Eating healthy and balanced food makes you happy in the long term – right?

The dopamine diet, which is also supported by many celebrities such as celebrity chef Tom Kerridge (46), wants to make us aware that losing weight does not have to be torture. Because the renouncement of meals is not that great. Why not a carrot instead of chips from the pack or a piece of salmon instead of a ready-made pizza?

However: A new form of nutrition does not arise from the stronger dopamine focus. Rather, the fact remains that healthy basic ingredients in combination with lots of proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins are an excellent basis for getting or staying slim.

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