Harmful to Health Why you should stay away from the coffee diet

Harmful to Health Why you should stay away from the coffee diet

Lose weight with coffee – a dream come true for coffee lovers. But what sounds seductive at first has its pitfalls. On top of that, the coffee diet can also be dangerous.

Coffee is regularly in the lists of drinks that can help you lose weight on a diet. The internist Dr. Bob Arnot, who previously worked as a medical advisor for the US broadcaster CBS and NBC and has since written a number of diet books, including “The Coffee Lover’s Diet”.

But is it enough to simply drink a few cups of coffee a day and the pounds drop off? No of course not. We explain what the coffee diet is, what requirements must be met and what complications it can lead to.

Better than its reputation: coffee is not as harmful as expected

According to studies, increased coffee consumption has no effects on the cardiovascular system.

Study shows
Even 25 cups a day is okay: Coffee isn’t as harmful as previously thought

Good news for coffee drinkers! A British study has shown that the increased consumption of coffee is far less harmful to the cardiovascular system than previously thought.

Background: What is the Coffee Diet?

Dr. Arnot’s development is based on observations made by the inhabitants of a small Greek island: On Ikaria, the island currently has around 8,000 inhabitants, the people are on average among the oldest in the world. The doctor and journalist is convinced that this comes not only from the Mediterranean way of life and diet, but above all from their coffee consumption.

His theory: Drinking at least three cups – 720 milliliters – of coffee a day should not only stimulate the metabolism and burn fat, but also block the absorption of calories and decrease appetite. But as I said, it’s not that simple.

Important for the coffee diet: quality, type and preparation

First of all – with the coffee that many households here in Germany drink, the coffee diet probably doesn’t work so well. When choosing the coffee bean, not only the quality plays a role, but above all the proportion of antioxidants in the form of polyphenols. These are found in coffee as flavonoids, resveratrol, chlorogenic acid and melanoidins. Its effect as a radical scavenger has been sufficiently proven, and it has been proven that the consumption of coffee increases the antioxidant capacity of healthy people. The following applies: the lighter the roast, the higher the proportion of polyphenol antioxidants.

In addition, there is the brewing method of how the coffee is prepared. The Icarians drink their coffee the Greek way, that is, the beans are ground very finely and boiled in a briki (jug) with poured water – sometimes several times.

The Coffee Diet: The Benefits

If the coffee is brewed with the selected beans and the preparation described, it not only promotes energy and a good mood, but also better health. But what are the benefits that are attributed to the coffee diet?

Pleasure and medicine: this is why coffee has such a good influence on intestinal health

Coffee is good for intestinal health

Coffee as medicine
Researchers reveal: This remedy is good for your intestines!

Can’t get through the day without your daily dose of caffeine? That’s not a problem, on the contrary: American researchers have found that daily coffee can even have a positive influence on intestinal health.

The antioxidants contained are said to reduce inflammation in the body and prevent damage caused by free radicals. When it comes to the desired weight loss when it comes to dieting, there are actually two potential benefits that coffee brings with it: First, it reduces appetite and the associated calorie intake – but only if the black brew is drunk just before meals . On the other hand, it can stimulate the metabolism and have a positive influence on weight, BMI and fat mass.

The real advantage – and arguably the main reason why you can lose weight with the coffee diet – is the change in lifestyle. In addition to the increased coffee dose, replacing a meal with a green smoothie and focusing on low-fat, high-fiber foods also play a major role in the diet. And that is the case with many successful weight loss methods: whole foods yes, processed foods, sugar and Co. no. And here, too, the daily calorie intake should not exceed 1,500 – the real challenge with this diet.

The Coffee Diet: The Cons

There’s no question that the increased caffeine intake can also cause health problems. Excessive amounts of coffee can lead to high blood pressure and have been linked to headaches, insomnia, depression, heart attacks, and an increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis in those with exposure to it.

For many of us, coffee causes palpitations and stomach pains. But don’t worry, there are many alternatives: With these foods you will start the day fresh!

Coffee, revving up, caffeine

Fresh into the day
Fit without coffee? These foods will get you going

When we struggle to get out of bed in the morning and shuffle tiredly into the kitchen, we usually only think of one thing: coffee! But for many of us the drink causes palpitations and stomach pains. But do not despair, other foods are also real pick-me-ups.

Caffeine is also a kind of diuretic, which means that more fluid is excreted and important electrolytes can be withdrawn from the body. Coffee-induced hypokalemia – a potassium deficiency that can affect muscle control and heart health – is very rare. Nevertheless, with an increased amount of coffee, attention should be paid to the fluid balance, which is best balanced with water.

Unfortunately, with the coffee diet, it is also very likely that the desired weight will not last long. Due to the very limited amount of calories, the body also slows down its metabolism and hormone fluctuations ensure increased appetite: exactly the factors that coffee is actually supposed to prevent and which ensure that a diet is not only ineffective in the long term, but also frustrating in the short term .

Conclusion: The coffee diet harbors health risks without long-term success

Of course, healthy eating with more antioxidants has a positive effect on the body and mind. But the restrictive method immediately destroys this success – demotivation and weight gain are the result. In addition, the coffee diet harbors risks and undesirable side effects that can be avoided.

Dr. Arnot’s diet would also be a little more believable if the doctor did not conduct his own studies to substantiate his theories and also marketed his own type of coffee with a high phenol content – “Dr. Danger Coffee”.

If you love coffee, you can continue to enjoy it in moderation and incorporate the beans into a balanced diet. The enjoyment and health experience can be improved through the choice of coffee and its preparation, but that was all. The coffee diet is not suitable as a sustainable and healthy method for weight loss. After all, the most successful diet is the one that you stick to – with pleasure.

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