Harmonized dinner – from starter to dessert

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This weekend bloggers Cris Cipolla and Nat Nardelli from the trends blog Tips4you offered a dinner to gather the columnists and future columnists of the blog and asked me to prepare and harmonize the dinner. The meeting was delicious and the chat accompanied by wine went on all night…
As an entry, I made whole wheat bread to accompany with camembert with pepper jelly and an eggplant caponata with peppers, raisins, apricots and cashews. In harmonization, I wanted to leave the traditional and took a drink with the Pink port wine with a mix of red fruits (click here and check the post about this wine). Guys! It was fantastic, such a delicate combination, but so striking at the same time! Everyone approved. The recipe was simple: I put the wine in the glass, added strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and frozen blackberries, mashed it a little and added ice.
For the main course, I made apricot risotto with brie and orange and served with Alamos chardonnay. I can only say that their wedding was magnificent! The dinner in question had no meat, but I believe that a Parma ham would fit perfectly with both risotto and wine …
We closed the night with lemon tartlets topped with Swiss meringue, served with dessert wine Moscatel de Setúbal Bacalhoa. It looks good!
But today the star of the post is the Alamos-Chardonnay… I believe it is an excellent purchase with good cost benefit, since it provides a great experience for R $ 55.00. It is produced by Catena family, one of the main Argentine wineries! It is aged in French oak barrels for 6 months, is elegant, full-bodied and intense, and should not be kept for more than 3 years, that is: it is a wine to be consumed young. It undergoes partial malolactic fermentation (70%), which gives a creamy touch, maintaining the freshness of the wine. You can also pair it with seafood, poultry and meat. He was the winner of Best Value Wine of the Year and also won the International Wine Challenge Chardonnay trophy. Worth it! Just don’t forget to serve it fresh… Put it in the freezer door while preparing the risotto or in a bucket of water and ice ?
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