Have you ever thought of using a bag made of fruit?

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The more time passes, the greater our responsibility to take care of planet Earth, our home. As much as this seems like the beginning of those boring newsrooms we wrote in high school, this is the truth. What can we do about it? Get in the game, honey! I love innovations designed for sustainability and this could not go unnoticed, after all it unites two very interesting things: food and fashion.
First of all, I need to ask you. Have you ever heard of fruit leather? In Brazil, fashion still hasn’t caught on, but if you’re also always on the lookout for Pinterest’s gastronomic news, you may have seen some mango, strawberry and other berries rolls there. Well, these snacks look quite appetizing and it was from them that some design students came up with the idea of ​​giving another destination to fruits other than the hungry stomachs of the crowd.
watermelon-leather-thekitchnnmulberry-leather-paleogrubsThe Kitchnn – Paleogrubs
Hugo de Boon, Aron Hotting, Koen Meerkerk, Maaike Schoonen, Bart Schram, and Miloy Snoeijers developed some 100% biodegradable products and made with leftover fruit that would be discarded. The main idea is to raise awareness in the south of the Netherlands (and, consequently, the rest of the world) about food waste. To give you an idea, about 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually, according to the UN. In a campaign to warn about the problem, Dani also made a video with several recipes for using a whole pumpkin, from the peel to the seeds – take a look here!
The bag they made draws a lot of attention for the design – can you say that it would be possible to create something like this out of strawberries, peaches and apples?
Of course, everything was made from many tests, after all, each food has different properties, which reflects when forming the leather. Hugo de Boon, one of the creators, explains that the strawberry leather is very fragile and tears when folded. When pumpkin or apple is added to it, on the other hand, you can create something more resistant.
It would be really cool to see this project carried out, right? Change begins with awareness; from there, we just open the door to creativity; D
sources: Ecouterre, Sustainable Planet

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