Have you heard of Air Plants?
Have you heard of air plants

Have you heard of Air Plants?

These plants are super easy to care for and can stay anywhere in the house! They don’t need soil or compost; just a few sprinkles of water, 2 or 3 times a week, are enough to keep them alive. And best of all, they’re cute!

Photos 1 and 2 – etsy.com / Photo 3 – stupidopinionswrittenpoorly.wordpress.com

Their scientific name is Tillandsias and they are part of the Bromeliads family. There are several types of air plants, the most common being Ionantha Fuego (from the first photo). The most expensive are the Tectorium and Spanish Moss (second and third, respectively), but they can also be found on several Brazilian websites and florists. Here in Brazil we even have specialized sites like the air plant. The price varies a lot according to the type chosen, but it is not absurd. The most common are between R $ 25.00 and R $ 50, oo. The rarest ones exceed R $ 100.00.

Photo 1 and 2 – etsy.com / Photo 3 – dezeen.com

They are great options to decorate the house, since they don’t need a lot of light (only indirect). These plants can also stick to any corner you can imagine. There are many options of special vases for them, but you can use all your creativity and hang them on chandeliers, place them in glass cases – with or without stones -, nail on walls … Just use your imagination!

Photos 1 and 2 – etsy.com / Photo 3 – centrogarden.com

I’m already dying to make my house greener! Is that you? Tell us in the comments!

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