For many people who share the house with their parents or friends it is difficult to reflect the personality in the decoration. The bedroom becomes a “refuge” and it is exactly in this room that we need to decorate in the way that most pleases us, don’t you think?
Headboards can be excellent elements to personalize the room. It is a great piece to bring warmth to the environment and complete the decor ?

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There are several styles of headboard: romantic, rustic, cozy, clean … Everything will depend on the material and color chosen. The iron ones, for example, are great for a more delicate and feminine room. The wooden ones, on the other hand, are true classics, perfect for more neutral and minimalist rooms.
Have no idea where to start getting inspired? Look how many amazing rooms!

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Where to find?

Any decorating store will have a headboard to offer you. However, online parts are great solutions – you will find a lot of variety and cheaper prices ?

  1. Walmart | R $ 335.00
  2. Americanas | R $ 1,451.99
  3. Pozelar | R $ 141.90
  4. My Wooden Furniture | R $ 314.10
  5. Valentina’s house | R $ 7,836.00

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