Healing Plants These houseplants protect you from the flu and cold

Healing Plants These houseplants protect you from the flu and cold

Plants have a lot more benefits than looking and smelling good. The all-rounders can even prevent illnesses such as colds or flu. How it works? Find out here.

Because certain plants in the home provide the air we breathe with moisture, viruses that are responsible for colds and other annoying diseases have a hard time. They do not get into our organism so easily through the nasal mucous membrane.

However, there are plants that are more suitable than others. These include, for example Window leaf and papyrus grass. The reason for this is that these types of plants can absorb a particularly large amount of water, which ensures a humid and pleasant room climate.

Other plants can even detoxify the home. Weeping fig and room aralia can filter up to 80 percent of the formaldehyde content from the air. This is because this chemical can cause headaches and breathing difficulties. Of the Dragon tree neutralizes benzene and trichlorethylene, which are mostly found in paint, rubber articles or lacquers.

We’ll show you which plant is suitable for which room


With plants like real aloe, ivy and green lily you can score in the bedroom. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night and thus ensure a restful and deep sleep


In your kitchen you should either Cyprus grass, linden tree and fresh herbssuch as rosemary or thyme. They are a real miracle weapon against bad and unpleasant odors.

living room

Ensure good humidity in the living room Ferns, window leaf or philodendron. Cigarette smoke and smell can get through Bow hemp be avoided.

Fancy some green stuff? You can find a large selection of different houseplants at Sense of Home.


Up to 80 percent of the pollutants in the room can come from Weeping fig, dragon tree or indoor aralia be filtered. Nothing stands in the way of concentrated work.

With these 5 tips a cold can no longer harm you:

5 tips against colds: how to get rid of a cold faster


Cough & runny nose
With this strange tip, you will get rid of your cold overnight!

Just before the vacation or the great party is a cold coming? In such a case, these SOS measures help.

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