Health and Nutrition Nutritionists were pretty wrong here

Health and Nutrition Nutritionists were pretty wrong here

We are happy to listen to nutrition tips from health experts. But what was the measure of all things yesterday looks completely different today.

Nutritional science is constantly evolving. That is why experts demonize foods that they considered healthy a few years ago. The recommendations for quantities, quality and frequency of consumption of certain products have also changed.

What nutritionists used to recommend

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) has written a kind of bible on healthy eating. For years, their “10 Rules” have listed nutritional tips that consumers can use when it comes to health.

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A few years ago you could still read advice there on how “Eat plenty of carbohydrates to keep you full” or “fat makes you fat”. For health reasons, one should also consume a lot of potatoes and other grain products.

But over the years the experts’ focus has shifted more and more from advice on the amount of nutrients in individual foods to the quality of the nutrients, as can be read in the online magazine “”. Due to recent research and years of experience, the rules customized.

What do experts advise today about nutrition and health?

Most of the changes in the nutrition tips have been in the fat and carbohydrate categories because of the knowledge that has been accumulated. This led to a new understanding of how it works on the human body.

Here we will show you which tips you can use to eat healthily during your lunch break!

Calorie trap lunch break

Calorie trap lunch break
With these tips, your lunch break will be healthy!

Hustle and bustle and stress often lead to unhealthy lunch breaks. We’ll show you how you can eat better and avoid the nasty calorie traps.

Healthy eating tips: fat

When eating or using fat, quality is paramount. Because fat is not just fat, as was previously assumed. There are many healthy fats that can be found in rapeseed oil or salmon, for example.

They also provide unsaturated fatty acids, which are healthy and essential for life. Therefore, you should eat salmon more often and dress your salad with a delicious rapeseed oil dressing.

The healthy fats found in nuts and olive oil were also formerly banned. Nowadays, however, these fats are recommendedbecause they can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by around 30 percent, for example. This is proven by a study from Spain in which over 3,500 Spaniards took part.

Healthy Diet Tips: Carbohydrates

According to the DGE, carbohydrates should continue to be the main component of a healthy diet, but one should avoid consuming sugar-sweetened beverages and foods, as they contain unnecessarily many calories and most of them are also poor in nutrients.

Another new addition to the list as a nutrition tip is one severe restriction in the consumption of carbohydrate-rich white flour products, because after eating the pancreas immediately releases insulin and this inhibits fat breakdown. As a result, you quickly get a feeling of hunger again even though your body is full, you start to eat again, and this inevitably leads to obesity and harms your health.

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