Health How unhealthy is carbon dioxide?

Health How unhealthy is carbon dioxide?

The word “acid” doesn’t sound very healthy. But is that why carbon dioxide is unhealthy?

If you drink too quickly, you will have a lot of sparkling water. For quick first aid after exercise, you should therefore prefer still mineral water or tap water. The carbonic acid in the water is to blame for the belching. It causes a feeling of fullness in the stomach, which is often deliberately exploited in diets to trick hunger. However, if you overdo it, you risk bloating.

While lentils are healthy, they can still cause problems.

Simply slim
These foods are poison for a flat stomach!

For a flat stomach, the best workout won’t do if you eat the wrong foods.

Some studies even warn that the carbon dioxide gas causes the stomach to stretch, which increases the size of the stomach wall over time. The feeling of satiety sets in later and all diet attempts are once again for the cat.

How does carbonic acid work in the body?

First of all, carbonic acid disinfects. It reduces germs in the drink and mouth, which in itself is a good thing. The taste papillae are cleaned of food residues, the flow of saliva is stimulated and with it the digestion.

However, as it continues through the body, carbonic acid irritates the gastric mucosa and leads to the formation of additional gastric juice. People with gastrointestinal disorders should therefore be careful with carbonated drinks. Carbon dioxide is not really harmful to them either, but it is very unpleasant. After a certain time, however, the discomfort due to the carbonic acid will go away on its own.

Preservative carbonic acid

Carbon dioxide not only makes drinks last longer, it can even replace baking powder. That’s why cooks like to use carbon dioxide for fluffy desserts, sauces and for proving dough. If you are uncomfortable with this idea of ​​the chemical processes in your stomach, you prefer to use still water.

Water bowl

Beauty trend
Peeling with mineral water

Mineral water is good for your health and also makes you beautiful. Many stars claim their beauty comes from always drinking lots of water. But water can do even more! A new trend from Asia shows how you can make yourself even more beautiful with sparkling water.

If you don’t want to miss out on the explosive taste sensation in your mouth, every time the carbon dioxide bubbles burst, your oral mucosa will be well supplied with blood. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, carbon dioxide can be dangerous for the teeth of children and adolescents that are still growing. If young people drink carbonated drinks at short intervals, the acid etches away the delicate enamel, deprives it of minerals and thereby causes tooth decay.

If you still do not want to do without sparkling water, you should always rinse with still mineral water or tap water afterwards. This neutralizes the excess acid in the mouth.

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