Health This is how you protect yourself from the Wiesn flu

Health This is how you protect yourself from the Wiesn flu

Soon it will be that time again, Munich’s fifth season begins. The Oktoberfest is going into the next round and so the next wave of flu won’t be long in coming. But does it really have to be every year at Oktoberfest or can we protect ourselves from the annual Wiesn cold? We’ll give you the best tips for prevention.

Remedies for Fall |  Strengthen the immune system with wild fruits

Remedies for the fall
Strengthen the immune system with wild fruits

To be better prepared against colds in autumn, it is important to strengthen the immune system. Nature has autumn remedies ready: wild fruits.

Tip 1: strengthen the immune system

Here, the earlier you take precautions, the better. That means not only at the Oktoberfest, but also start the defensive cure before that. But how do you get your immune system going? Exercise in the fresh air, alternating showers and a healthy diet make a big difference. Regular saunas also heat up your immune system and strengthen your immune system.

Tip 2: get enough sleep

Before and after the Oktoberfest days, you should allow yourself enough sleep. Because if you don’t get enough sleep, you are not only tired and unable to concentrate, but also more susceptible to colds. One study showed that a sleep deficit can increase the risk of a cold by a factor of four. Therefore, healthy sleep is simply important for your immune system. At least seven hours of sleep per night should be in there.

Tip 3: clean up your measure

If you don’t necessarily want to catch the bacteria from your neighbors, it’s best to only drink from your own mug. To be on the safe side, simply wipe the edge of the glass with a cloth before drinking from your mug. Because with all the Wiesn fun, it can easily be mixed up.


The immune system is strengthened

Everyone has probably heard that kissing is healthy. But what is it really about, the legends about loving care and how much does the immune system benefit from it?

Tip 4: dress warmly

Sure, you want to present your naked cleavage splendor at the Oktoberfest, but only inside the tent when it’s cold. If you are already slightly tipsy, you often don’t even notice the cold. That’s why it’s all the more important to wear something over it anyway, even if it doesn’t seem so cold at first.

Tip 5: wash your hands

Washing your hands after going to the toilet should be a matter of course. But it is also important that you lather the spaces between your hands and wrists properly. Even if you shake hands with others, you should use a sink as soon as possible. Unconsciously, you quickly grab your hands to your mouth etc. and whoosh, the bacteria are right in the right place to spread unrestrainedly.

Just get rid of a cold

This way the cold will go away quickly

A cold is annoying enough. If there is also a sinus infection, recovery often takes a long time. We’ll tell you which simple tricks you can use to relieve symptoms in seconds.

Tip 6: beer stop

If you notice that something is on the way in terms of colds, you should immediately refrain from consuming any further beer. Dancing until you drop on the beer tables is also less beneficial if a cold is approaching. Instead of wild escapades, you should shift down a gear, drink a lot of tea and make yourself comfortable on the sofa with a cozy blanket at home.

Tip 7: breathe through your nose

When we breathe through the nose, it acts like a filter. The inhaled air is humidified, heated and cleaned. Pathogens have so much less opportunity to establish themselves and multiply. Therefore, you should consciously breathe through your nose as often as possible. Of course that’s a real challenge with the whole Oktoberfest roar, but every now and then you can think of it.

Jogging |  Just a few minutes strengthen your health

to jog
Just a few minutes strengthen your health

New finding: A recent US study shows that even short, daily jogging is good for your health. Running for five to ten minutes is enough.

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