Health Tips 5 Foods Over 25 You Should Enjoy With Caution

Health Tips 5 Foods Over 25 You Should Enjoy With Caution

Have you successfully completed your first personal quarter of a century? Then it’s time to take care of yourself a little more. In particular, on unhealthy foods. We’ll tell you which foods you should look at with hawk eyes from now on.

A wise doctor once said, “There will come a time in your life when, if you wake up without pain, you are likely to be dead”. Hopefully you won’t be that far at the age of 25. But so that this day is as far in the future as possible, it is advisable to take care of your body.

Unhealthy foods for everyone aged 25 and over

Lots of exercise, enough sleep, and breaks that are really breaks are some of the basic ingredients of a healthy life. And then of course there is the food. An unhealthy diet will ruin your body faster than you can say “greasy roast pork”. From now on, it’s better to enjoy the following foods carefully.

1. Alcohol

Nobody says that from now on you should be abstinent. Cocktails, wine and the like make some evenings really colorful. However, be prepared for the fact that your body metabolizes alcohol more slowly with each passing year. That means toasting with the last beer at four o’clock and being back in the office at nine will no longer work at some point.

You definitely need the day after to recover. It is now important to drink a lot; preferably water. Plus a rich meal to give your body everything back what he lost in the boozy night. Doctors recommend a wholemeal bread with ham, egg and salad.

2. Instant vegetable broth

Of course, an instant broth is useful to quickly conjure up a soup or sauce. But take a look at the list of contents. In addition to plenty of salt, you will find the flavor enhancer glutamate there. The Federal Center for Nutrition only classifies its consumption as harmless if it occurs occasionally.

After all, glutamate has a reputation for causing allergic reactions or even causing cancer. The finished product also contains sugar and palm oil. Neither are any ingredients your body likes. Real adults create their own broth from good ingredients anyway. You can also freeze them just fine.

Cheese platter

Artificial phosphates
You should definitely avoid these 4 types of cheese

Many of us love cheese. For breakfast on bread or for gratinating casseroles. But not every cheese is healthy. We’ll show you what to look out for when buying cheese.

3. White flour

White flour products are what food experts like to call empty calories: They fill you up without providing the body with a hint of nutrients. You can also get some fat injected there.

Health-conscious people over 25 therefore always choose whole grain products, preferably with whole grains. Because they are full of minerals, vitamins and fiber and, on top of that, keep you feeling full longer.

4. White rice

White rice was milled. This means that it is peeled, the silver skin and the seedling are removed. All that remains is the kernel of the grain, which contains next to nothing except starch. So empty calories. The better alternative is brown or whole grain rice. Here you will find the nutrients your body needs and it tastes better too.

5. Salad from the bag

No cutting, no washing, dressing on top and you’re done … packet salad looks so practical at first glance. But unfortunately that’s only half the story. The magazine Öko-Test took on several ready-made salads in 2015 and did not come to a good result. Many of the products had increased nitrate levels and were also contaminated with chlorate or perchlorate, which is used during the washing process.

Pre-cut lettuce is also an ideal breeding ground for germs. The open areas act like a wound through which bacteria can enter the lettuce. And then there is the ecological balance: ready-made salad has to be permanently cooled and the plastic packaging does not recycle by itself.

Environmentally conscious people over the age of 25 therefore always opt for fresh, seasonal salad and do the little washing and cutting with a smile.

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