Healthy and delicious beauty miracle cure quinoa

Healthy and delicious beauty miracle cure quinoa

Vegetarians and vegans have sworn by quinoa for a long time. Rightly so, because the grain of the Incas is an excellent source of protein. But meat eaters should also make space for the delicious superfood on their menu. Quinoa contains many valuable vitamins and minerals that, apart from the health factor, also make it a real miracle cure in terms of beauty.

Quinoa has played a very special role in the diet of the inhabitants of the Andean region for thousands of years. The Inca already spoke of the “Mother of all grains”. In the meantime, customers have learned of the advantages of the Superfoods also got around in northern latitudes.

Quinoa, however, is still particularly widespread among people who follow special dietary restrictions – be it Vegetarians, vegans, People with Gluten intolerance or followers of Paleo diet. The latter value quinoa because it is actually not a grain, but the one Seeds of a foxtail plant related to spinach and chard acts.

Vitamins and minerals in abundance

Quinoa is also a very special addition to the diet for meat eaters high quality protein delivers it essential amino acids. Among them is also Lysinethat is otherwise almost only found in animal products. The seeds deliver a lot Iron, magnesium and calcium, which has a positive effect on skin, hair and nails.

Quinoa also contains Phosphorus, zinc, folic acid, B6 and other B vitamins such as niazine and thiamine. These tiny power packs not only benefit your health, but also you beauty Quinoa is a valuable helper.

Good carbohydrates keep you full longer

Because of the high carbohydrate contentThe grain is not a designated diet product. 100 grams of the uncooked seeds have around 370 calories. The carbohydrates have one for that low glycemic index. So they are only slowly absorbed by the body and therefore do long fed up. So you don’t have to worry about food cravings. Quinoa also contains a relatively large amount Fiber. They are good for digestion and also ensure a lasting feeling of satiety.

Another plus point for body and beauty alike: The oil contained in the seeds consists of around 70 percent unsaturated fatty acidswhat is positive on Cholesterol levels, heart and circulation affects. By the way, because of the natural bitter substances only children from the age of two Consume quinoa. If the taste is too bitter for you, you can reduce it with thorough washing.

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