Healthy bowel gastrointestinal flu: these are the symptoms and that helps
Healthy bowel gastrointestinal flu these are the symptoms and that

Healthy bowel gastrointestinal flu: these are the symptoms and that helps

Not sure whether it is gastrointestinal flu or another illness? We reveal the typical symptoms of gastrointestinal flu and what you can do about it.

Gastrointestinal flu (gastroenteritis) is usually extremely uncomfortable for those affected and also highly contagious. It can even be a serious hazard for babies and toddlers. But how do you know that this is what it is and when is it time to see a doctor?

How does gastrointestinal flu show?

Rapid onset is a typical symptom of gastrointestinal flu, which leads to inflammation of the stomach lining. Other signs are mainly:

In some cases, there is also a fever. The most typical symptoms of gastrointestinal flu are diarrhea and vomiting. Often both occur together. The reason for this is that the body tries to get rid of the pathogen again. These are mostly viruses like Rotaviruses or noroviruses. In the latter case, gastrointestinal flu is particularly severe. Gastrointestinal flu is rarely caused by parasites or bacteria.

What to do with gastrointestinal flu

As a rule, gastrointestinal flu and its symptoms are not dangerous and will go away on their own. However, there are a few things to watch out for:

  • Adequate hydration: The body loses a lot of water with gastrointestinal flu. That is why drinking is particularly important – preferably unsweetened herbal teas and mineral water. Pure tap water, fruit juices and lemonade are less suitable. You should also avoid fatty foods and alcohol. Otherwise, everything you can tolerate can be eaten.

  • Quiet: Even when important projects are coming up, stay at home and allow yourself some rest. A few days in bed can often work wonders.

  • Do not come into contact with other people: The risk of infection is high with gastrointestinal flu – one more reason to stay at home.

If you take these precautionary measures into account, gastrointestinal flu is usually short-lived and within a few days. It is completely normal for you to feel a little weak afterwards.

When is it time to go to the doctor?

Gastrointestinal flu can be particularly dangerous for infants, the elderly and those affected with a weakened immune system. In this case, it makes sense to go to the doctor. Because otherwise are even life-threatening complications such as kidney failure are possible. The same applies if bloody diarrhea occurs. The doctor will also decide whether medication is advisable. Which these are depends on the course and duration of the gastrointestinal flu and your own requirements.

In In particularly severe cases, doctors sometimes recommend hospitalization. Here, the required substances are administered via drinking solution or even infusion, for example when severe vomiting cannot be brought under control. However, these are also isolated cases.

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