Healthy Diet Sugar addiction is so dangerous and how you can overcome it!
Healthy diet sugar addiction is so dangerous and how you

Healthy Diet Sugar addiction is so dangerous and how you can overcome it!

Everyone likes something sweet in between. But what if you can’t do without it anymore? Sugar addiction can actually affect everyone and usually comes over you particularly slowly and quietly.

This creates sugar addiction

Let’s not kid ourselves: we too drove to the gas station at midnight to stock up on sweets. That feeling when you can’t think of anything else than something sweet.

In the video above, Dr. Lars-Peter Kuhr, why we eat far more sugar than we are actually aware of.

Science says that you can get addicted to sugar very quickly these days and experts are very critical of today’s sugar consumption. Sugar is said to have similarly strong effects on our brain as illegal drugs. If you were to do without him completely, you can Signs of sugar addiction withdrawal, such as depression, irritability and other withdrawal-like symptoms, may result. A person suffering from sugar addiction does not behave much differently than, for example, a smoker who urgently needs a cigarette.

How do you know if you are having sugar addiction withdrawal?

Sugar addiction manifests itself in the fact that sugary products play an important role in your daily routine. Without the daily need for something sweet, you will not feel well physically or mentally, you will not be able to concentrate and your thoughts will always drift away to a sweet snack. Often the urge for the sweet drug shows up shortly after lunch or dinner, because you absolutely need a sweet balance to the hearty meal.

What amounts of sugar are allowed?

According to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society, an adult should not consume more than 50 grams of sugar per day. Children, on the other hand, are recommended a maximum of 30 grams of sugar per day. Here it is also important to pay particular attention to the hidden sugars. Because the food industry doesn’t use sugar just for sweetening. It also has a preserving, volumizing, water-binding and flavor-enhancing effect. Because sugar is comparatively cheap and can replace expensive ingredients. More than half of our sugar consumption therefore comes from finished products. Therefore particular caution is required here.

Fat from fructose

Avoiding fructose: How to lose weight without fructose

Fructose, glucose, dextrose, grape sugar, fruit sugar – sugar has many different names and forms and is hidden in a wide variety of foods. In particular, fructose, or fruit sugar, is found in many foods that you would not even suspect.

Tips to avoid getting addicted to sugar in the first place

If you want to avoid sugar addiction, you have to take a much closer look first – especially at the food packaging.

A low-sugar diet is not about categorically avoiding sweets, but to know a few tricks how to avoid unnecessary sugar.

1. Keep blood sugar levels constant

Hypoglycaemia causes sugar cravings. It is best to start with a nutritious as well as hearty breakfast. Whole grain bread with vegetarian spreads and fresh cucumber or a delicious smoothie with a high proportion of green and a small proportion of fruit would be suitable. Then take 4-5 hours of food breaks between meals to allow your pancreas to rest and not make tons of insulin. Avoid eating anything three hours before bed – this will encourage insulin and stop fat burning.

2. Go for proteins

People with sugar addiction often suffer from a protein deficiency. So make sure to fill your body with high-quality, protein-rich foods. Sprouts, nuts, oil seeds, quinoa, some fish or an organic egg are just a few delicious and nutritious sources of protein. Proteins have a long-lasting filling effect because they are digested more slowly. In addition, some proteins contain amino acids that are involved in the formation of the saturating brain messenger substances serotonin and dopamine.

3. Stay away from sugar and sweeteners

Do yourself a favor and consciously try to avoid sugar for two weeks. In the beginning it will be difficult for you, but after 1-2 days the signs of sugar addiction withdrawal will decrease. After the two weeks, it is important to focus on a low-sugar diet. This includes, for example, replacing sugary drinks with healthy alternatives. Diluted, sugar-free juices or homemade lemonades are perfect here. You should not only consume sweets in smaller quantities, but also avoid finished products when shopping.

4. Get enough sleep

Those who sleep little suffer from a lack of energy, which in turn increases the desire for sugar extremely. You should therefore treat your body and mind to seven to eight hours of sleep. Make sure that your room gives you the best possible sleep. Fresh air and properly darkening the room can make a big difference here.

5. Get enough exercise

Muscle training in particular increases the serotonin level and thus lowers the tendency to become addicted. Scientists at the University of Exeter suspect that physical activity induces certain neurotransmitters in the brain to curb addictions and cravings. In addition, a balanced exercise program ensures a higher metabolism, which also has a positive effect on the energy balance of your body.

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