Healthy Diet These 8 unhealthy foods are better avoided at lunch

Healthy Diet These 8 unhealthy foods are better avoided at lunch

Sure, a good breakfast is essential for a successful day. But even when eating during lunch, you should pay close attention to what you eat.

Every lunchtime, the question arises anew: “What should I eat?” At home weekends, you are still full of energy to prepare a healthy lunch. But during the week this vigor quickly flutes. Unfortunately, many of us then resort to unhealthy foods during our lunch break or just treat yourself to a quick snack in between.

A healthy lunch is important, however, because it should replenish energy reserves that have been used up and provide body and mind with new power for the rest of the day. Especially when there is little time left for breakfast, it is important to eat the right thing at lunchtime. However, unhealthy foods are often the norm when eating during lunch. Many do not even take enough time for the meal, but simply eat a small and mostly unhealthy snack between the door and the hinge.

This is why a healthy lunch is so important

As the name suggests, lunch is the middle of the day meal. Almost everyone has already used up a lot of energy reserves over the morning and it is time to recharge the batteries. But since lunch is only half the day and the other half is still ahead of you, lunch should primarily consist of healthy foods that provide enough energy for the next few hours.

Wrong and in particular However, unhealthy foods can do the exact opposite, making you sluggish and sleepy after eating. Many foods also have the disadvantage that they fill you up quickly, but the feeling of satiety disappears just as quickly and you are hungry again before your first coffee in the afternoon.

By the way: These mistakes can make you gain weight!

Having lunch with colleagues is wonderful for team building.  But you should avoid some figure traps.

Attention figure traps!
These 5 lunch mistakes make you fat

The morning is already done, the afternoon slump is still ahead of us. So it’s time for a decent lunch. But often the break is only bridged with a small snack. Fatal mistake, because in the long term it will go straight to your hips.

1. White bread

The carbohydrates it contains make you sluggish and only briefly full. You get hungry again quickly and it will be difficult for you to concentrate in the afternoon. Better to go for whole grain bread – that is healthier and keeps you full longer.

2. Mayonnaise

Mayo is not only delicious on French fries, it is also a popular topping with salads and sandwiches. If you have a healthy lunch, you should better avoid it, because it contains a lot of fat and sugar. It’s best to replace the mayo with lighter dips like pesto or guacamole.

3. Granola bars

The supposedly healthy snack has it all behind its ears. Most muesli bars offer only a few proteins, but a lot of unhealthy sugar. If you don’t want to miss out on the sweet snack during your lunch break, you should look for a variety that contains a lot of nuts and seeds, but has little added sugar. This makes you feel full longer and contains healthy fats that give you plenty of strength for the afternoon.

4. yogurt

Don’t worry, you can continue to eat yogurt with no added sugar. For a healthy lunch, you should stay away from the sweetened yogurts. The sugar content here is very high and will make you tired and limp again in no time. Better: Natural yogurt with fresh fruits or a small spoon of jam.

5. Chips

Chips are not a nutritious food, as is well known. But especially when eating during lunch break you should never use chips. The unhealthy fats not only put a kilo or two more on the hips, they also make you tired and sluggish. A healthier snack that also provides a lot of energy are nuts.

6. Sugared drinks

Too much sugar not only harms the body in food, but also in drinks. For a healthy lunch you should therefore do without soda and Co. and stop Water and tea.

7. Salad with chicken

Sounds like a healthy lunch classic, but it should stay in the food counter. Because a mixed salad with chicken is healthy, but it contains hardly any fats or fiber that will keep you full in the long term. As a result, you will quickly become hungry again. Just add a few filling ingredients to your salad, such as beans or avocado.

8. Pasta

The high-carbohydrate meal can, depending on the amount at lunch, create a big slack in the afternoon. It is therefore better for a healthy lunch Put on whole grain pasta and don’t keep the portion too big. The whole thing is ideally rounded off with a protein-rich side dish and vegetables.

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