Healthy Diet This fast food is surprisingly low in calories!

Healthy Diet This fast food is surprisingly low in calories!

This fast food recipe puts you in a good mood, because the guilty conscience simply falls behind while eating.

You have probably already eaten a portion of chicken nuggets from one of the many well-known fast food chains. Maybe after that you felt guilty. Not without reason, because these breaded chicken pieces are usually anything but healthy. There is definitely another way …

What Makes Chicken Nuggets From Fast Food Chains So Unhealthy?

In and of itself, chicken does not have a bad reputation. On the contrary: in its flagship variant, it has a lot of healthy protein and little fat – ideal if you want to lose weight, but don’t want to give up meat entirely.

Unfortunately, chicken nuggets from fast food chains are not all made from pure meat. Usually there is also one Breadingwhich is composed of many different ingredients. They are not necessarily appetizing and bring extra calories. Yes, you even have to cut corners with meat. Often enough, it doesn’t consist of chicken breast, but of molded chicken meat.

The alternative: Prepare chicken nuggets yourself. It’s quick and easy and the result is not only low in calories. It can even be rightly called healthy.

Fast food sins

Fast food sins
That’s how long you have to kick to burn them

Learn how long to move around on unhealthy fast foods like burgers, chips and fries to completely burn off the calorie bombs!

It’s that easy to prepare healthy chicken nuggets


  • 300 g chicken breast fillet

  • 50 g spelled flakes

  • 1 egg

  • 1 tbsp flour

  • Spices (for example paprika, pepper and salt)

  • 2 tablespoons oil


1. Cut the chicken breast fillet into strips and whisk the egg.

2. You can use a blender to crumble the flakes. You can also put them in a freezer bag and then use a rolling pin to chop them up.

3. Place the crumbled flakes on one plate, the flour plus spices on another and the whisked egg on a third.

4. Turn the chicken pieces first in the flour, then in the egg and finally in the flakes. Then press the breading on.

5. Then fry the chicken pieces in the heated oil in a pan until they are nice and crispy, about five minutes per side.

Alternatively, you can do without the pan and prepare the nuggets in the oven. There are also different ways to season nuggets. Trying out is allowed here. Either way, the result is preserved about half as many calories as the same serving of nuggets in a fast food place.

To make the whole thing even healthier, you can serve it with a salad. And just do without half a liter of cola, then the guilty conscience can simply go away again and close the door behind you!

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