Healthy Diet This is why the anti-inflammatory diet is so healthy for you!

Healthy Diet This is why the anti-inflammatory diet is so healthy for you!

Many diseases are caused by inflammation in the body. You can prevent this with an anti-inflammatory diet. We explain how to do this here.

Inflammation is responsible for a number of diseases. This includes not only the classic strep throat and Co. Inflammatory processes in the body also play a central role in the development of diabetes, rheumatism and various cancers. The same applies to obesity (obesity).

There are ways to protect yourself to a certain extent, for example through an anti-inflammatory diet. An anti-inflammatory diet will help improve existing inflammation and prevent new ones.

What is an Anti Inflammatory Diet?

The main point of an anti-inflammatory diet is avoiding foods that are anti-inflammatory and replacing them with anti-inflammatory alternatives.

You can orientate yourself on the following principles:

Does that sound familiar to you? No wonder, since an anti-inflammatory diet corresponds more or less to the so-called Mediterranean diet, which has long been known to have anti-inflammatory effects. You may already know them naturally from your vacation in Italy.

The following foods are particularly healthy as part of such a diet:

However, you should avoid sweets, sweet drinks, white flour and meat, especially pork. Alcohol and coffee are allowed – but in moderate doses. In general, unlike other diets, an anti-inflammatory diet is a pleasant thing if you enjoy eating vegetables.

Healthy and Fit – The Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

An anti-inflammatory diet is a great way to reduce inflammation and help heal it. Although it can hardly replace necessary medication, it can complement it well. It also helps to prevent so-called “lifestyle diseases”. There are also other positive effects. If you stick to the dietary recommendations listed above, you will simply find it easier to maintain your weight. Sometimes it is even the first step towards losing weight permanently. And that’s not just good for looks. Belly fat in particular is a real source of inflammation. In addition, a Mediterranean diet has a mood-enhancing effect in many cases, especially if you combine it with regular exercise.

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Let’s go
7 tips against belly fat that really help

Belly fat is considered to be the meanest fat for health, because it sends more signal substances than fat from other regions. So you can finally get the pounds under control!

When is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Right?

Basically, you are not doing anything wrong if you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and few sweets. A moderate consumption of meat also supports the environment and your health. The sooner you start, the higher the chances that your body will remain largely free of inflammation.

By the way: Research has shown that people get particularly old in places where a Mediterranean diet is widespread, provided they exercise regularly. So it’s worth it in every way to eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

Healthy eating is based on very simple rules.

This is how it works with a balanced diet

Would you like to eat as healthy and balanced as possible? Nutrition experts give tips on what to eat and what to avoid.

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