Healthy Living Caution – These foods steal your energy!

Healthy Living Caution - These foods steal your energy!

Eating provides a fresh burst of energy? Exactly the opposite happens with these five foods. So be careful!

What we eat has something to do not only with how we look, but also with how we feel. A really healthy lunch ideally ensures that we start the afternoon with fresh energy. However, there are foods that do exactly the opposite. You can even cause us to feel more limp after eating than before. We introduce you to 5 such energy thieves.

At the top of the video: These are the five best foods before exercise!

1. White flour products

Carbohydrates are actually good for the energy balance. But not all. White flour products such as pasta or toast, for example Due to their processed form, they contain little fiber. This causes them to make blood sugar levels rise quickly. It sinks almost as quickly and then the great tiredness sets in. Whole grain bread is therefore better than white bread for breakfast.

2. Coffee

Yes, exactly, even the wake-up call can lead to a lack of energy. This happens especially when we drink too much of it. Then the body develops a caffeine tolerance, like Studies demonstrate. This means that the effect is no longer as desired. Additionally can Drinking a lot of coffee has a negative effect on sleep – and this plays a central role in energy. However, when consumed in moderation, i.e. a maximum of four cups a day, coffee can even help us live healthy lives, for example by reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

3. Nuts

As a snack, nuts are part of a healthy diet and a valuable source of protein for vegans. However, they also contain a lot of fat and they quickly lead to the fact that you can’t stop eating. This makes digestion difficult and makes us tired.

And here you can find out which 5 foods you have to eat in order not to be tired in the morning!

tired woman

Fit in the morning
You have to eat these 5 foods to avoid being tired in the morning

Are you struggling to get out of bed? With the right breakfast you can recharge your batteries with plenty of energy to leave your tiredness behind you in the morning and really get going.

4. Fast food

Many people in the canteen still prefer to eat currywurst with fries or burgers. Not a good idea, especially if you want to work afterwards. Because Fast food in general contains little fiber, healthy vitamins and other things that are good for our body. But it is rich in fat. The consequences are excruciatingly slow digestion, a feeling of fullness and fatigue. So it’s better to grab salads and other healthy alternatives for lunch. You will quickly see what a difference that makes.

5. Alcohol

Do you like to have a few glasses of wine in the evening to help you fall asleep? Even if that seems logical at first, it is often counterproductive in the long term. Alcohol makes you tired, but it also affects the quality of sleept. This means that the next morning you feel slain, even though your eyes quickly closed. And as we all know, living healthy generally means drinking little alcohol. Do some relaxation exercises before going to bed and drink tea instead of wine. It’s more effective.

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