Healthy nutrition Food bowls are so healthy and delicious

Healthy nutrition Food bowls are so healthy and delicious

A food bowl is the key to success when it comes to healthy eating. It has never been so easy to combine so much good in one small bowl.

Healthy and good can be so simple. This or similar could be the basic motto of the so-called Food Bowl. A food bowl has exactly one goal: you to present the best possible nutrients in a compact and tasty form on the serving tray.

This trendy creation is by no means a really new invention, but just an overarching concept that gives you some perspective in the constantly growing food jungle. So what’s behind the so-called bowl food? Except for some food in a bowl, as the German translation would simply be.

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What is special about bowl food?

A serving of pasta with Bolognese in a bowl – is that a food bowl? Not in the classic sense, because this bowl trend is based on basic guidelines that are supposed to do your body something good. So is this new diet trend vegan and gluten-free, it also relies primarily on organic ingredients and the approach of providing as many nutrients as possible within a quickly prepared meal. The keyword here is “clean eating”, so to speak, clean or pure food. The so-called superfoods also play a decisive role – these include, for example, chia seeds or acai.

Like many current nutrition trends, the Food Bowl originated in the USA. But it’s not just about the bowl, behind it is a nutritional philosophy that should offer the body the best possible. Accordingly, every food bowl recipe is based on specifications.

This is how you should design your food bowl:

  • Only fresh and natural ingredients should be used. Pre-processed items do not go into the bowl and are accordingly Finished products taboo. The trend is intended to provide a guide to know and consciously perceive the origin of all ingredients. This requirement goes hand in hand with the fact that artificial additives such as flavor enhancers or colorings are avoided.

  • A particularly interesting aspect is the derivation of food bowl recipes: They follow the principle of only integrating wholesome and healthy products. The unhealthy should be replaced by a healthy alternative. Cream turns into coconut milk, butter into avocado, pasta into quinoa and croutons into nuts.

What can a food bowl look like?

An example is the best way to understand what makes this diet so attractive. Let’s say you like to eat pasta with Bolognese and Parmesan. This dish in no way corresponds to the expectations of a food bowl. Noodles contain gluten, the Bolognese meat and the Parmesan cheese contain animal fats.

Now you can make a food bowl out of it: for example, replace the noodles with whole-grain spelled noodles, quinoa or red lentils – these two representatives contain fewer carbohydrates and more protein. You can replace the Bolognese with fresh tomatoes supplemented with roasted tofu. Finally, you swap the parmesan cheese with chopped nuts. Ultimately, you now have a completely different dish in the bowl, but it certainly tastes just as delicious and follows the principles of Clean eatings corresponds.

What are these superfoods?

Superfoods are also an indispensable part of this nutritional movement. These are foods for which the motto “small, but powerful” applies to the full. Accordingly, these foods have exceptionally good nutrient densities and ingredients. In many cases, the superfoods are suitable as toppings for an already healthy dish.

Chia seeds, acai or aronia berries are currently particularly popular representatives of this branch. Chia seeds are particularly impressive because of their high content of omega-3 fatty acids. The acai berries inspire with a particularly large number of antioxidants, which help to cleanse the human body of toxins. Aronia berries have a particularly large number of vitamins from groups A, B, C, E and K. These superfoods can be bought in drugstores or well-stocked supermarkets.

What special food bowls are there?

The Acai and Aronia berries have already made a note of it: Even for those with a sweet tooth, the bowl trend can mean both enjoyment and health. A special form of the food bowl is the Smoothie bowl This is a change from pureed smoothies to a healthy muesli alternative. An example of such a healthy breakfast is one Acai bowl. For example, you can puree some blueberries, whole grain flakes and almond milk and then decorate with the remaining blueberries and some acai berries for an appealing bowl spectacle.

Similar to the food bowl, with the smoothie bowl it is important to replace animal products with vegetable products and to focus on wholesome foods.

How did the trend spread?

Apart from the fact that an ever greater understanding of healthy eating is anchored in our society, the colorful food bowls have made it into real social media stars. Delicately decorated dishes have become indispensable on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. In the USA it is good form a food bowl also shines optically after all, it contains the best ingredients that deserve to be presented in the best light.

If Smoothie bowl or veggie bowl – The colorful bowl trend can be your key to a healthier lifestyle and a more conscious lifestyle. Give it a try!

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