Healthy nutrition We would never have thought: THAT is how one should actually eat bananas!

Healthy nutrition We would never have thought: THAT is how one should actually eat bananas!

“The peel is eaten as well, it is the best in it,” our grandmother used to say when we were children and preferred a peeled apple. And she was right! But did you know that this also applies to bananas?

Of course, when we eat carrots, cucumbers or pears, we keep our hands off the paring knife. After all, every child knows that the most nutrients are in the bowl. But bananas with the skin on? It actually works and doesn’t even taste that bad.

But with a bowl, please

But let’s start at the beginning: Bananas are super healthy even without their peel. They contain a lot of potassium, vitamin B6 and a high concentration of minerals. However, their outer shell contains many more valuable nutrients. Vitamins A, B12 and C, magnesium and a large portion of nutritious fiber are also found there.

But why does the banana peel contain so much good?? Quite simply: a banana naturally primarily absorbs water, sunlight and minerals through its shell. There she processes these things into everything the fruit needs to grow and ripen.

The pulp it produces is actually just bait intended to tempt animals to carry the banana seeds to another location. Most of the nutrients remain in the shell.

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Woman peels orange

Orange vitamin bomb
Oranges are really that healthy

Oranges are tasty, have lots of vitamins and the orange peel smells wonderful. But one component of the orange is hardly noticed. We’ll tell you which part of the orange this is.

How to Eat Banana Peel

So, banana peels are healthy. But how, darn one thing, do you eat them? First of all, the most important thing: the banana definitely has to unsprayed Only then is it really safe to eat the shell. It is therefore best to use organic bananas. But also wash these off thoroughly before consuming them.

Then you wait until the banana is overripe; so is getting really brown. Then the banana peel is softer, sweeter and easier to digest. By the way, you cut off the stem and stalk. Because they just taste woody and apart from a little fiber they contain nothing that you really need.

And then? Very easily: You bite into the banana and just eat it unpeeled. Granted, that’s really strange at first. The consistency is completely different and the mixture of relatively hard skin and very soft pulp is not necessarily a taste revelation. Fortunately, there are a few tricks:

1. Puree the bowl with

Whether it’s banana milk or a breakfast smoothie, the next time you just put the banana in the blender unpeeled. This way you get all the healthy nutrients without the strange banana pulp in your mouth. This also works with bananas that are still yellow and not brown.

Just make sure that your blender has plenty of steam under the hood. Because such a banana peel is not easy to puree. It has to be the highest level.

2. Grill the dish

Peel the fruit, eat the pulp, and then place the peel on the grill. Ideally in an aluminum dish so that the heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface. The result is crispy banana peel chips.

The heat only destroys a small part of the nutrients, most of which is retained. By the way, they go well with exotic sauces – for example hot with chilli or sweet with mango.

We wish you bon appetit!

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