Healthy weight loss Healthy by all means: These superfoods are really fattening foods

Healthy weight loss Healthy by all means: These superfoods are really fattening foods

So-called “superfoods” are popular because of their supposed miracle effects on health and appearance. But you should be careful of these if you want to lose weight healthily.

The day begins with a muesli with goji berries, at lunchtime there is salmon and in the evening wholegrain bread with avocado mousse is on the menu. The thirst in between is quenched with smoothies and ginger water.

Many nutrition-conscious people swear by so-called “superfoods”, which contain a particularly large number of healthy ingredients and are supposed to be real miracle weapons in the fight against everyday stress, old age and diseases of civilization. But be careful. Again, it makes sense to take a closer look. Because some superfoods are anything but beneficial for a slim figure. If you eat too much of it, the shot can backfire quickly.

Popular superfoods that make you fat

The following superfoods should be consumed in moderation if you want to lose weight healthily:

  1. Avocados

    Avocados have long been considered the superfood. After all, they contain valuable unsaturated fatty acids and are wonderfully creamy. However, avocados are also calorie bombs. 15 g fat per 100 g, few competitors can keep up with that.

  2. Goji berries

    There is no doubt that the small red goji berries are also healthy, simply because of their secondary plant substances. But even here you will quickly end up in the calorie trap, because the berries exist for about half of fructose. A local alternative if you want to lose weight healthily are blueberries and currants. And let’s be honest, they don’t taste worse than goji berries either.

  3. Smoothies

    Perhaps you already guessed it: The colorful fruit juices can also be real fattening foods. This is especially true when it comes to Ready-made juices are consumed in addition to meals become. If you want to lose weight healthily, you can completely replace breakfast with a smoothie. Even then, it is better if you prepare it yourself.

There are a number of other superfoods that have come under fire. The negative impact on weight and figure is not always the focus. Quinoa, for example, is suspected of being harmful to the stomach. In addition, the cultivation of superfoods is usually not sustainable and the finished products are more expensive than average – two more reasons to enjoy the exotic with caution.

It depends on the amount

You are now wondering which superfood you can still safely eat? Anything, actually, as long as you don’t overdo it. It is worthwhile to keep an eye out for alternatives from domestic cultivation. Because blackberries and red cherries are not as spectacular as the açaí berries at first, but they are just as healthy. And in some cases, local fruits and vegetables contain fewer calories than hyped fattening foods.

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