Healthy weight loss Nutritionist recommends: Never give up carbohydrates!

Permanently Lean Carbohydrates or Calories?  What to look for when losing weight

When you’re on a diet, you shouldn’t be cutting out carbohydrates entirely, at least according to a nutritionist. We’ll tell you why here.

Many people go on a diet and ban pasta and potatoes from their menu. However, you should think twice about that.

At the top of the video: These foods are high in carbohydrates!

That’s what a nutritionist says

Like the online newspaper “” reports, one shouldn’t eat carbohydrate-free according to nutritionist Melissa Meier. Because meals with carbohydrates are important sources of energy and vitamins for your body, especially during a diet.

In addition to vitamins and energy, there are other good reasons to use carbohydrates when eating. They are an essential part of any diet to ensure a good balance in the diet, says the nutritionist.

Protein bar: What at first glance seems like the perfect post-workout snack can turn out to be a diet killer. Because although there are now many healthy protein bars, some are unfortunately also full of sugar and additives. The number of calories in the bars is skyrocketing, especially due to the added sugar, and the actual purpose, namely the protein intake, is missed by unnecessary calories.

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Granola: Many people mix this crunchy muesli into their normal breakfast, believing that it will do something good for their figure and their health. Unfortunately, this actually healthy breakfast snack can also turn out to be a calorie bomb with added sweetness. So make sure that the granola doesn’t contain too much sugar.

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Coconut water: Most people will be surprised that coconut water can make you fat. As is so often the case, however, it is the sugar that ensures the high number of calories in this drink. Of course, coconut water is still healthier than soda, but water or unsweetened teas are better alternatives.

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Sushi: Sushi always seems to be the low-calorie variant of conventional fast food in restaurants. However, sweet sauces or fried fish can quickly turn the dish into a calorie sin. If you want to lose weight, make sure that your sushi is filled with low-fat foods like salmon or avocado and that it is not doused with sweet sauce or fried.

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Fruit juices: Fruit is healthy, but you shouldn’t overdo it with the amount because it contains a lot of fructose. But that is exactly what happens with freshly squeezed juices: you use a lot more fruit for the juice than you would normally consume. This increases the fructose content of the drink extremely.

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Low-fat fruit yogurt: Low fat is good for the figure? In this case you unfortunately have to say: no. Because in many low-fat fruit yoghurts, a lot of sugar is added to enhance the fruit taste. If you don’t like natural yoghurt, just mix the fruit yoghurt yourself, you can sweeten it with a little honey or agave syrup.

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Ready-made salads: If you want to lose weight, you like to grab a salad. This is generally a good idea, but it can quickly backfire if the salad and dressing are bought ready-made. Sugary sauces, greasy sausages, there are a number of ingredients that are not exactly beneficial to the figure. So make the salad yourself.

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Smoothies and protein shakes: What is considered the drink of fitness lovers can unfortunately make you gain weight. Ready-made protein shakes and smoothies also often contain a lot of added sugar, which can boost your insulin levels and make you hungrier in the long run. Even with homemade smoothies, you should pay attention to a balance between fruit and vegetables so as not to drive up your blood sugar level with too much fructose in the morning.

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Diet lemonade: If you can’t do without lemonade but want to lose weight, you can use light products. However, these are suspected of causing type II diabetes and there are also indications that the blood sugar is increased by the products, which causes weight gain. The Study situation However, it is not very clear to this day, doctors tend to advise against light products.

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Melissa Meier lists the benefits of carbohydrates:

  • You live longer when you consume carbohydrates: The very carbohydrates that are found in cereals make you live longer. Because if you eat grain, the risk of heart disease, diabetes and also the risk of cancer decreases.

  • A strong and functional immune system needs fruits: Fruits have carbohydrates because they contain fructose. The nutritionist believes it is absolutely necessary to eat fruits even while dieting, because they are super nutritious and the immune system simply needs them to work properly. It doesn’t matter which fruit you eat, because no fruit is better or worse than the other. For a strong and healthy immune system, one should therefore eat at least two pieces of fruit a day while on a diet.

You can read here that losing weight can also work with carbohydrates: This is how the Super Carb Diet works!

Fresh salad

Fat loss without giving up
Lose weight with carbohydrates – this is how the Super Carb Diet works

You want to lose weight, but not eating carbohydrates is your thing? Then the Super Carb Diet from trainer Bob Harper might be just right for you.

Diet without carbohydrates: is that even possible?

A report by “” According to, however, one can in principle live entirely without carbohydrates because they are not essential. That said Prof. Andreas Pfeiffer from the German Institute for Human Nutrition (DIfE) in Potsdam. Although one can only eat fats and proteins, Prof. Pfeiffer continues, he advises against completely giving up carbohydrates because it is not healthy. The body is used to vitamins and fiber from foods such as cereals.

In addition, researchers have been investigating for a long time whether it is better to lose weight to avoid carbohydrates or fat. For one study From 2015, scientists wrote a nutrition plan for 19 overweight subjects that they should adhere to for two weeks.

One group should eat a low-carb diet and the other group low-fat. Accordingly, subjects who ate a low-carbohydrate diet lost significantly more body weight than the control group with a low-fat diet.

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