Healthy Weight Loss What this woman lost in one year is incredible

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A year ago Anna Kambranis weighed 206 kilograms. Today it is more than half less. We’ll tell you how she achieved this incredible feat.

On January 1, 2018, friends took Anna Kambranis aside to talk to her about her health. They also revealed to the 46-year-old that they had registered with Vision Personal Training Ivanhoe.

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The Australian was initially skeptical, but a year later, her attitude changed. In the end, Anna Kambranis managed to lose an incredible 116 kilos during this time, and did so naturally.

How Anna Kambranis suffered from her weight

Before she started training, Anna Kambranis spent almost all of her free time on the couch, reports the online newspaper “”. “My body didn’t allow me to do anything,” she recalls.

The Australian didn’t have more than a cup of coffee for breakfast and hardly ate anything at lunchtime. In the evening, however, she could hardly stop cramming the food into herself. As a result, she accumulated a proud 206 kilograms over time and had trouble walking for more than a few minutes.

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Sport, no alcohol, no junk food – that’s how she managed to lose weight in a healthy way

Losing weight healthily means, above all, changing your own diet and doing sport. This is exactly what Anna Kambranis did from the moment she started training. Today she eats five times a day and exercises three times a week. She also tries to get around as much as possible and avoid driving. Anna Kambranis, on the other hand, has largely given up fast food and alcohol.

Her personal trainer is also incredibly proud of Anna, as he revealed in a Facebook post.

The Australian even completed her first triathlon. For the future, she would like to lose a little more weight and expand her training. After all, Anna Kambranis feels happier today than ever before, thanks to her coach, but also thanks to her perseverance. A nice proof of how far you can get with a strong will and the right support.

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