Heart Cupcakes

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I am completely in love with these spice cupcakes. But I don’t like to put any icing on top of them, because I find the dough I make so rich and tasty that I don’t like to make room for anything else when it’s ready. And if possible, I like to eat those hot cupcakes! So nothing better than this super simple and fast decoration that I invented. I sprinkle some icing sugar on top of the cupcakes and then I take a heart-shaped cookie cutter and tape it to the bottom, or it can be a heart-shaped cup for anyone who has it.
Then the bottom is already closed, and then I place the cutter on top of the cupcake and sprinkle cinnamon on the edges! And it’s ready !! Super fast and still time to eat warm! ? #ficaadica
PHOTO: Danielle Noce – IG: nocedanielle

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