Heat Resistant Covers

Heat Resistant Covers

One of the biggest challenges for all confectioners in Brazil is dealing with the heat. After all, temperatures are high most of the year. Consequently, the structure and flavor of some sweets are compromised.
In the case of cake toppings, care must be taken that they do not stay out of the refrigerator too long, at the risk of melting. Some alternatives are a little more resistant to high temperatures, as we will explain to you now. Still, do not abuse your luck and avoid leaving the dessert for hours exposed to the heat!

American Pasta

Heat Resistant Covers

Photo: My Blue Print

Starting the post with one of the most common options today: the much talked about american folder. Despite not being so tasty, this is a super heat resistant cover and it doesn’t melt as easily as a whipped cream, for example.
When prepared with care and delicacy, the finishing of the cake is very beautiful. Oh, and to get a better result, be careful with cuts and possible cracks in the paste. Then, just let the creativity flow and shape the American paste the way you prefer.

Marble icing

Heat Resistant Covers

Photo: Kara’s Couture Cakes

Traditional coverage of the Pernambuco wedding cake, the marble icing it is an option that usually endures good hours in the heat. However, it is important to take into account that this whole resistance depends on the filling of the cake and the chosen dough.
The ingredients to prepare it are very simple: egg whites, powdered sugar and lemon juice. The consistency is very similar to that of American pasta, but with a more differentiated flavor. Just like the American paste, the marble icing leaves the cake with a beautiful and super smooth finish.


The three suggestions that we will give you now are not 100% heat proof. Anyway, they end up being more resistant than other coverings and deserve a mention


Heat Resistant Covers

Giant donut recipe

The famous Glass cake it’s called that because of mirrored glaze, which gives that special effect. Even though it is a little more complicated to prepare, this is a great icing for cakes that will stay on the table while being served.

Italian Buttercream

Heat Resistant Covers

Photo: Preppy Kitchen

Traditional meringue or buttercream are not very smart options for hot days. However, the Italian version of buttercream has a little more structure and can stay out of the fridge for longer.
The difference of this recipe is in the way it is prepared. The water and sugar go into a pan first, until this mixture is warm and homogeneous. This hot syrup is added to the beaten egg whites, making them lightly “cooked”. And if you want to leave this cover with a little color, I recommend that you use the gel dye!


Heat Resistant Covers

Nest milk mousse cake recipe

Who loves milk there? This much-loved ingredient also serves to give a heavier texture and consistency to the vegetable whipped cream, used by most beginners in confectionery.
And there’s no use doing it with fresh cream, because it won’t work, okay? Just mix a few spoons of nest milk in the whipped cream and the magic will happen. To make the icing more smooth, it is also possible to add a little condensed milk.
Have you tried any of these options at home? Be sure to comment on your experience with each type of coverage ?

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