Heidi Klum Detox can be so beautiful!

This is what the stars of detox cures think!

Detox cures are all the rage among celebrities. Heidi Klum also likes to do a detox week every now and then. All information is available here!

We don’t always live as healthy as we would like to. Mothers in particular are often under time pressure and often have to be content with suboptimal care because the children always come first. Detox is a possible step to detoxify the body from time to time and thus get new energy for everyday life. For example, top model Heidi Klum (41) keeps adding a juice treatment called “Master Cleanse” (see here a photo from her Instagram account).

Unfortunately, sensible detox measures take time and too often something comes up. It can be a friend’s wedding, the long-planned day of relaxation without children or the upcoming Mother’s Day when you want to treat yourself to something. One should celebrate the festivals as they fall, but interrupt the detox treatment for this? It doesn’t have to be. We’ll show you a few ways Fun despite detox to have. So nothing stands in the way of an enjoyable day!

Two people survive everything better

When life gets particularly difficult and we want to despair, then we turn to … our best friend. Detoxing in pairs is much easier than alone. They both have the same goal, eat the same foods, and have to give up the same things. No matter how understanding a man may be, he cannot compete with his best friend who detoxes with you. Even if you cannot master the entire detox cure together without a break, a “fellow sufferer” can help you stay on the ball, especially on special days.

Treat yourself to something

Just because you can’t eat everything doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy! A Relaxation day during the detox cure with wellness, massages or the long-planned complex face mask coconut oil is good for body and soul. Incidentally, all of this is a lot of fun for two. What could be nicer than gossiping about men with your best friend and looking like the two prettiest bog corpses in the world?

Cook something else

A special day can also be beautiful without being characterized by culinary delights. Nevertheless, food is enjoyment and should not be neglected during a detox cure. Finally is Detox is a time of discipline, but not a prison camp! Do you only have certain foods on your menu? No problem, get together with your friend to try something new right after the coconut oil mask. Roll over a cookbook or just be creative and invent something. It is your day. You detox and you tell us where to go today. If you don’t like it in the family, you are welcome to go quietly to the burger shop.

Whether Heidi’s body is so sexy thanks to regular detox cures? In the new music video (“Fire Meet Gasoline”) by singer Sia, she trumps again powerfully …

In the video: Cameron Diaz & Co. – That’s what the stars of detox cures think!

This is what the stars of detox cures think!

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