Heidi Klum “Do you look thin”

“It's getting thinner and thinner!

Time out from the jury stress? Heidi Klum has now indulged in a visit to Broadway. But the fans not only notice the good mood when they post.

Whether in Germany or the USA, Heidi Klum (42) is more than busy thanks to casting shows such as “Germany’s Next Top Model” and “America’s Got Talent”. So it has to be all the nicer for the model mom when she can enjoy a visit to Broadway in the evening …

“Heidi do you look thin”

“Just watched Aladdin on Broadway !!!! Sooooooo great “, writes the completely ecstatic model mom about the popular Disney musical. Heidi also posts a picture in which you can see her radiant with the Aladdin leading actors. But the photo also triggers completely different reactions.

Heidi you look thin“, writes Manuela Schumann about the recording, summarizing the critical tenor of so many users.” I like Heidi very much, but I couldn’t say you look so beautiful when I see her standing there, something of lean and thin it can’t just be stress. She used to have stress and her children and had a great figure. I think normal is different and that’s a shame“, justifies Manuela Heinzelmann her observation. But one has to credit the over-model that the musical actors in the photo are much fuller – and Heidi looks twice as slim.

In fact, it’s not the first time that Heidi’s figure (and especially her thin legs) has given rise to discussion. She herself holds back noticeably in the debate – maybe she knows that her fans are not entirely wrong in their clear but compassionate judgment.

“It's getting thinner and thinner!

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