Heidi Klum & Martin Kirsten How dangerous is their juice diet?

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Heidi Klum and her friend Martin Kirsten start the new year without giving up: They are doing the controversial “Master Cleanse” program together. Marians Welt asked two experts: How dangerous is this diet really?

Sour makes fun, goes a well-known proverb. Heidi Klum (40) and her boyfriend Martin Kirsten (41) are apparently taking it particularly seriously and are currently pouring in the “amusement” by the liter. However, not to lighten their spirits – it’s about losing weight: As you can see on your Instagram profiles, they do what is known as the “Master Cleanse” diet together. Somebody went a little over the top over the festive season …

Just in time for the start of the new year, Heidi posted a picture of a bowl full of lemons, a bottle of maple syrup and a glass of cayenne pepper. The model wrote: “Master Cleanse, Day 1!” Her friend and bodyguard Martin is also working hard. He showed a very similar picture of the ingredients as well as filled bottles on Instagram and wrote: “The time is right again … Day 1, Master Cleanse.”

The diet was invented in 1940 by the American Stanley Borroughs († 87) and is actually very easy: For ten days you drink a brew made from lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water about six times a day. By leaving out solid food, the digestive tract should be relieved and the body detoxified. But as motivated as Heidi and Martin are: Can it be really healthy to only drink this juice mixture for ten days and not eat anything? Marians Welt asked two experts.

The Munich nutritionist Dr. med. Patricia Haberl (50) confirms our doubts: “I don’t see any particular nutritional benefits with this diet. This is a typical yo-yo diet. You lower your basal metabolic rate, decrease it and then gain it again with a normal diet. Often even more than you lost weight, ”explains Haberl. She also points out possible health risks: “A sensitive stomach can be irritated.”

The doctor also questions Heidi Klum’s role model: “That creates expectations that cannot be fulfilled. I also have children of my own and think that Heidi Klum is not a good role model. Otherwise she puts a healthy diet in the foreground, but that’s not a method for losing weight in the long term.

Dörte Wilke (53), nutrition expert at the magazine “Fit For Fun”, is also extremely critical of the “Master Cleanse” diet: “It is a rather extreme form of fasting. Such a cure is definitely not healthy and sustainable. Nobody should fast on their own. Especially not in such a radical form. You shouldn’t do a therapeutic fast for ten days without medical or professional supervision. “

Like Haberl, she also sees potential dangers in this diet: “Health risks such as high kidney strain cannot be ruled out. In addition, you have to assume that a high proportion of muscle mass is lost with this cure, which you have to laboriously build up again afterwards. The yo-yo effect is almost certain! Especially those who focus on beauty need a healthy diet with all the vitamins and minerals for smooth skin and shiny hair. “Wilke’s clear conclusion:” Nothing to imitate! “

Update: Heidi Klum ended the juice diet after four days, posted a picture of tomatoes, lettuce and eggs and wrote: “Day five, back to solid food.”

So Heidi Klum and Martin Kirsten are not a good example when it comes to healthy weight loss. Or? Let us know what you think in the vote below!

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