Hello Kitty restaurant in Hong Kong

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Gastronomy is one of Hong Kong’s strengths. Being such a big and cosmopolitan city, you will find culinary options for all tastes. Other than that, it has some themed restaurants and one of the most famous is the Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine. As everyone knows, Hello Kitty is of Japanese origin and has become one of the symbols of world pop culture.
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She is a special success for Asia, but she got so many fans around the world that we see prints of the character on the most varied objects in the four corners of the planet. So, you can understand why this Hong Kong restaurant ended up becoming a special attraction of the destination and has both locals and tourists as a clientele.
The place is small and is usually very crowded with families or children celebrating birthdays. As soon as you enter, you soon see that all the decoration makes reference to the character. When she sits at the table, she realizes that even the dishes used in the place have kitten details and practically all the dishes on the menu come in the shape of her face or with bows.
They simply managed to take the details of the character to a new level in the food that is served there. Since the options are primarily Chinese, you can expect to find dim sum and mounds of rice with the face of Hello Kitty.
Everything is very cute and you can even feel a little sorry for eating the artwork on the plate! Of course, no one misses many clicks to post to Instagram and Snapchat before!

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