help vulnerable families and organic farmers

help vulnerable families and organic farmers

During the quarantine and pandemic of the coronavirus one of the most recurring feelings among people feeling helpless. The phrase that sums it up well is “not being able to do anything”. And yes, there are many issues that are not within our reach. However, there are some initiatives that give us the opportunity to do something, help someone and make all the difference. Today, we are going to talk about one of the initiatives that can generate significant change for many families: the Solidary Organic.

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What is Organic Solidarity?

This project is a non-profit solidarity initiative. The goal is to send fresh, healthy and organic food to families who are in a vulnerable situation related to the coronavirus crisis. Many people have lost their jobs, their children can no longer go to school, they are more mouths to feed and that is why they need help so much at this time.

But, it is not only these families that are benefiting. The organic farmers, who are not part of the group of large landowners and are mostly composed of family farming, are also being very affected at this time by the decrease in fairs for the sale of products.

How it works?


You purchase a basket of foods for R $ 45.00 for donation through the project website. The Phi Institute receives the money and passes it on to farmers. Value includes products, assembly and transportation – all at cost. You can donate as many baskets as you like.

help vulnerable families and organic farmers

Photo: @organicosolidario


Farmers harvest organic food, which is 14 different items (6 kg of vegetables, fruits and vegetables) and carry out the assembly of the basket and delivery for the social projects they will distribute.

help vulnerable families and organic farmers

Photo: @rvvisual at @organicosolidario


Some recognized social projects and organizations that are part of this movement, distribute to families in most needy communities.

help vulnerable families and organic farmers

Photo: @rvvisual at @organicosolidario

Important links

Project website: click here.

Donation link: click here.

Transparency report: click here.


There are already more than 15 thousand baskets delivered. Help to continue this chain of solidarity ?

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