Hidden Calories These foods keep you from losing weight

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Have you been trying to lose weight for a while but it just doesn’t work out? Then these foods could be to blame.

Anyone who has tried it before knows: Losing weight is not an easy task. It’s especially depressing when you do your best and still don’t want to work. Foods that contain hidden salts are often to blame.

That is why salt is a hindrance to losing weight

When it comes to food and weight loss, most people first think of chocolate, chips and soft drinks. It’s not wrong. Because of course too much sugar is a hindrance. However, there are other things you should keep in mind. That includes salt.

Because like the “German Society for Nutrition (DGE)” in their FAQs on salt most of us consume way too much salt every day. This can drive up blood pressure, especially in so-called “salt-sensitive” people. In addition, too much salt leads to excessive water retention and cellulite. If you lower the intake, you will lose weight as a result.

10 reasons why you just won’t lose weight

10 reasons why you just won't lose weight

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Hidden salts lurk everywhere

The fact that salt in particular often throws us in the balance when we lose weight is less due to the food, which is known to be salty. Because doing without salami or pretzel sticks is an easy task. Unfortunately, many ready-made meals contain “hidden salts”.

  • Bread, especially toast from the supermarket, contains a lot of salt.

  • Sausages are generally real “salt bombs”, not just the salami mentioned above. After all, meat and sausages have to be preserved. The salt content is particularly high in cured sausage and meat products.

  • With cheese, it depends. While cream cheese can be enjoyed without hesitation, hard cheese often hides a lot of salt.

  • Canned foods and ready meals are a hindrance to losing weight, among other things because of their salt content.

  • Soft drinks, especially the light products popular with dieters, often contain a lot of salt.

In general, everything that you like to eat in between on the couch or in the context of a TV evening is high in salt. This includes not only pretzel sticks, but also shortbread biscuits.

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Raw food

Lose weight healthily
With the raw food diet to the desired weight

If you are really serious about losing weight, then the raw food diet might be an option for you. After all, it is an extremely strict, but also very promising program to finally shed a few pounds.

How to avoid salt when losing weight

If you don’t want to let too much salt ruin your weight loss success, follow a few simple pieces of advice:

  • Try to avoid ready meals and rather cook fresh. So you know what’s in your food.

  • If you cannot do without it completely, be economical with the consumption of meat and sausage.

  • Buy dairy products and cheese in a targeted manner and prefer to use cream cheese than Emmentaler. Mozzarella is also low in salt.

Even if you follow all of this advice, you will still consume salt. And that’s just as well. Because the body needs a certain amount in order to function properly, even if you are about to lose weight. It shouldn’t be too much.

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